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Amazing Facts about changing habits – it’s easy to build and break

Anyone in the room has a fundamental understanding of what constitutes a standard habit. Of course, it necessitates mental and physical well-being. But no one truly knows the importance of it until they are a victim of it.

Amazing Facts About Changing Habits - It’s Easy To Build And Break
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Amazing Facts About Changing Habits – Developing habits is the only practical way to reach life goals. No matter how talented or untalented people are. If one failed to understand the algorithm of cultivating habits, then better say goodbye to their dreams. Similarly if one can stick to a productive routine, somehow they will reach the destination. Thus it is really important to cross-check everyday deeds.

The primary thing to internalize is the existing condition that everyone experiences. It is the byproduct of previous actions. And the fact is a human being has this craving for more and more. Thus nobody is satisfied with their wealth, health, physical appearance, and anything materialistic. Changing habits and changing one’s existing lifestyle should be based on progressive values. It shouldn’t be attached with any shitty values with one’s understanding of life.

How to choose better habits

Anybody in any room knows the basics of how a standard habit looks like. Of course, it does demand maintaining mental and physical health. But nobody truly understands it’s a necessity until or unless become the victim of the same. waiting to lose the existing well-being condition will not be preferred by experts. Thus convincing oneself mental and physical health is the foundation of favorable life without first-hand experience is mandatory.

Amazing Facts About Changing Habits - It’s Easy To Build And Break
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First of all, examine the body mass index (BMI). If it exceeds 24.9 then it is considered overweight. Take necessary measures with a healthy diet and work out for weight loss. If the BMI is below 18.5 then it is considered underweight. This follows the same for weight gain. If the BMI is normal between 18.5 to 24.9 then also have a healthy diet and workout to maintain it. It is better to keep an account of calorie intake and burning. It helps to get clarity for a healthy being.

Coming to mental health, nobody can give a status report just like physical health. Watch oneself closely. Understand oneself better. list out the underlying cause for personal or social insecurities. Cut the resources. Limit the unwanted exposures to the fullest. Practice concentration to control the mind. 

Tools for taming habits

Once taking care of mental and physical health is initiated, then comes the Herculean task. Maintaining any act as an everyday routine is the game-changer. For easy application break the fitness goal into further simple steps. It is important to have patience until one gets used to it. Beginners start their day one with high enthusiasm and giving up is the normal scenario. It demands less expectation about results.

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Now it’s time to listen to the  ‘Bible ‘of habit development.’Atomic habits’ is a self-help book written by James clear. This best seller is always listed in the must-read books for Entrepreneurs. The book explains the psychological factors for an action to become a habit. Four cyclic stages determine the fate of repeated deeds.

1. Cue

It is the sign that remembers or notify about an action.

For example, Anybody who has a social media addiction sees their phone on the table feels an impulse of touching the phone. It is the visibility of the object that initiates the entire act of using further applications.

2. Craving

It is the uncompromising desire for an action to get it done.

Continuing with the social media addict;

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Just seeing the phone on the table won’t result in the process of using it. The moment one sees the phone sees a lot of other objects. He can be distracted but still stick to the sight of the phone. He has a temptation to get that phone at any cost.

3. Response

It is the physical activity one does to get done the process.

One ‘s desire to use the phone is not rejected. At the force of his desire, he walks towards the table and stretches his hand to touch and then take it.

4. Reward

It is the most important stage which decides an action to become a habit. It is the feeling of reward that tempts an individual to get done that action again. The state of pleasure one gets from scrolling through social media is a kind of approval for doing it next time.

These are the four factors one should keep in mind when habit changing is concerned. The author of the book itself states that he too comes up with breaking habits. So it is pretty normal to feel difficult to maintain a habit. But trying and having an average basis is possible and everyone is doing so. Please note that maintaining a habit is not to bring certainty. It will equip personally to stand in the harsh uncertainties of reality.

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