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An End or a New Beginning? Stranger Things Vol 2 Finally Arrives!

Volume 2 of Stranger Things season 4 was finally released on Netflix on Friday, July 1. Here’s what you need to expect from volume 2.

An End or a New Beginning Stranger Things Vol 2 Finally Arrives!
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It’s been six months since we saw the battle of starcourt happening in Stranger Things Vol 1 and now that the group of friends in Hawkins were separated for the very first time and struggling through the complexities of high school, which is not easy. And during these tough times a new horrifying creature Vecna has arrived in Hawkins and if the mystery of his past gets solved it might be an end to the world of the Upside Down.

Volume 2 includes two episodes one of which is 85 minutes long while the finale is two and a half hours long. Volume 2 begins with Nancy being hypnotized by Vecna and Max is still under his curse. Volume 1 has already shown us the roots and the backstory of how Henry, the son of Victor Creel turns into One/Vecna. It will be really interesting how the gang will defeat him, will Hopper and Joyce make it back out of the Soviet Union safe, and will Mike be able to save Eleven.

An End or a New Beginning? Stranger Things Vol 2 Finally Arrives
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It’s going to be fun to watch and you might shed tears while watching the episodes but don’t feel discouraged at all and find out what exactly happens in Vol 2. The first seven episodes from Vol 1 gave us a ride on the journey of El without powers and how she struggles to get her powers back with the help of Dr. Owens and her Papa. And how the gang is struggling to fight the biggest monster of all times.

Now, in volume 2, get ready as with a boom El has her powers back the gang is all set with a plan to defeat Vecna and save their Hawkins. But with the teams being split apart vol 2 has now made its way to reunite them again.

An End or a New Beginning? Stranger Things Vol 2 Finally Arrives
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However, the makers didn’t seem to make that possible but they made 3 teams instead from different parts of the world to fight the same war and defeat their common enemy in the world of Upside Down. The audience is all set to experience some thrilling moments and will make sure to stick their eyes to the screens without blinking for a second.

Taking a moment here, to appreciate the best villains of all times – Vecna has completely nailed the character. From the visual effects to the prosthetics to the cinematography to the action everything turns out to be perfect. Milly Bobby Brown on the other hand has done an incredible job of acting effortlessly. The most underrated performances were by Sadie Sink, whether it was from vol1 or vol 2, it has been phenomenal. She only got better with her performance. The same has been with Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp. Joe Kerry who’s been regarded as the hero babysitter of all times only gets more adorable and so did Natalia Dyer.

The runtime of the finale episode – two hours thirty minutes is surely going to be worth every second of your time limit. Stranger Things has been regarded as epic of all times and still marks to be one you shouldn’t miss.

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Manali Shinde is a News analyst and entertainment content writer at Empire Weekly. She is born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication.

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