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Beautiful Movies That Dealt With Mental Illness

List of top 6 Beautiful Films Dealing With Mental Illness

Beautiful Movies That Dealt With Mental Illness
Photo by Vlada Karpovich

Fighting through mental issues is not easy. It is an everyday battle between you and the world. Just like how every individual is different and has different issues, the solutions to their issues are also different and will take an ample amount of time to heal. So take your time. 

And do not worry, here is a list of movies that are a close alternative to therapy that will give you the closure that you need and give you the courage to face the world and most importantly yourself. 

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room today through these movies!

1. Better Days

This movie will assure you that even you can have better days. 

It is a beautiful Chinese movie directed by Derek Tsang. This movie talks about school bully and the pressure it puts on students to rank top. 

Chen Nian comes from a poor family. And her mom’s spoiled reputation and debut give her no choice but to nail the exam. But she becomes the next victim when she tries to reveal the face of the bullies. We see a series of incidents where Chen Nian is tortured and bullied while going back home.

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One such day she bumps into Xiao Bei who has turned into a gangster boy after being abandoned by his mom. After this Chen Nian and Xiao Bei form an unlikely beautiful bond and take a trust fall on each other to get out of this dumpster life. And see both now are not hiding but living a better life which was built on trust, safety, hope, and love. 

2. Silent Voice

Also known as Koe No Katachi is an anime movie directed by Naoko Yamada. There are two sides to every story, and in this movie, we get to see so many sides of a story and get to walk in their shoes and understand them. Despite having a bully (Shoya) and a deaf girl (Shoko) this movie focuses on redemption, friendship, betrayal, love, and suicide.

An elementary girl Shoko becomes the victim and gets bullied by Shoyo and his friends for being indifferent. But the blame falls on Shoya and after the transfer for Shoko, the table turns to him and he gets ostracized and becomes the victim. After getting a little mature set off on a journey of redemption where everyone reunites and the story unwraps and sets everyone free from the past and depression. 

3. The Breakfast Club

Director John Hughes brings you the friendship of the 80s of 5 friends who have been given detention in the school.  Each of them is given a label by the school -Claire a princess, Andrew an athlete, Brain a nerd, John a criminal, and Allison a basket case. And each one is supposed to write an essay on who they think they are which no one knows the answers to.

Given to them by the supervisor Mr. Veron who comes to check on them from his office. But instead of writing they sneak away and run around the school and enjoy without being caught by Veron. And in this playfulness, they get into a conversation where we see each of them unwrapping their past and trauma showing that they all are in the same boat and are beyond those labels given to them by the schools and teachers.

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4. Taare Zameen Par

The director Amole Gupte and Amir khan bring us a beautiful story showing each and everyone are shinning stars aka stardusts on earth. Ishaan Awasthi a kid with dyslexia, is lost in his world made of magic and wonder and is misunderstood by his teachers and parents who want him to fit into society and be a topper like his brother. But his continuous disinterest in studies annoys his parents and they decide to send him to a boarding school to get disciplined. But he instead falls into depression caused by his impatient teachers and parents.

He slowly loses interest in art which was his favorite subject. Then a new art teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh, whose teaching style improves Ishaan’s writing and reading skills. With time and patience, Ishaan gets his light back and again shines bright like a star.  

5. Perks of Being a Wallflower

This movie is directed by Stephan Chbosky. 

Charlie is a shy boy who enters high school with awkwardness. Because he misses his deceased friend, he secretly writes letters to an imaginary friend telling his day-to-day feelings.

Soon his hidden talent of literature is found by his teacher Mr. Anderson, which boosts his confidence. But he still struggles to make friends and eventually bumps into his seniors Patrick and Sam with whom he spends the rest of his high school. But he soon starts liking Sam who is dating is someone else and things get complicated their friendship falls out.

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This causes charlie manic episodes where he recalls his blurry childhood incidents which get added to his anxiety and trauma. But he soon recovers and spends the last day of Sam and Patrick in school where charlie Realises the beauty of living in the moment. And that he’s not just a sad story but instead is made up of those infinite moments that he lives now.

6. Silver Linings Playbook

Is a debut novel of Matthew quicks and is directed by David O. Russel. 

Pat beats up his wife’s lover and is sent to a psychiatric hospital and spends 4 years there, which he doesn’t remember. Pat is taken home by his parents but his memory is blurred and still thinks he is married to his wife who now is married and has a family of her own. He soon meets Tiffany who also suffers from mental issues of her own and tries to help pat to get over his wife.

She starts writing him letters as Nikki his divorced wife, telling him that she no longer loves him and wants a divorce. Pat being stubborn to win her back soon finds out that Tiffany has been writing him those letters. He then decides to meet his wife but sees her happy and goes back to Tiffany who showed him the art of finding the silver lining in life. 

Do check out the school of life channel which will educate you on some important life lessons that will change your perspective and will help you understand yourself and the world around you.

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If you are done with these movies, here are some more mental health-related movies to watch to calm your mind.

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