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Become a morning bird – Why and how to wake up early

When you become an early riser, you’ll experience a lot of benefits, including feeling more energized and having more time to do what you want.

Become A Morning Bird – Why And How To Wake Up Early
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It’s 5:00 a.m., early morning, the aurora of the dawn, that strangely peaceful silence as nobody else is up yet while you are being welcomed by those warm sunrays enriched with vitamin D. 

It sounds like a piece of heaven to me!

Not only does it sound like an ideal, fantastical wakeup, being an early bird is quite a beneficial deal if you commit to making it. 

WHY? Let’s have a sneak peek!


Waking up early by 2 hrs means you have 14 hrs extra every week which sums up to a total of 728 hrs or 30 extra days every year. WHAT A MAGIC!

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Waking early means you are not going to be late for school and work and can carry on with your morning routine without any rush, 

leaving your mind at much ease and peace.


Since morning is calm and quiet, lesser distractions and disturbances your way. So whether it is your due presentation or reading that book, early morn is the apt time to get more quality work done.


Now that you are up by five and your work/school starts at 8 or 9 means that you are left behind with three extra hours that you can invest in LOVING YOURSELF without regrets. 

You can use these hours to cultivate new hobbies, work towards your dream body, make yourself a lavish breakfast, educate yourself or seep into self-care rituals like meditation, yoga, and journaling.

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Making a TO-DO list is a great move too.


Moreover, waking early morning is a trait common in most successful people. You must have heard of sayings such as “Early birds get the worm” and so on.

Mornings are the period of high energy and creativity for most humans.

Even if being an early riser is a million-dollar worth habit, HOW on the earth do I resist that cloud-soft blanket and get out of my cuddly bed? 

Become A Morning Bird - Why And How To Wake Up Early

Reading the subhead, you might be ready to throw your hands on me for giving the most cliche advice.

But, there is a twist. You have to set an alarm for the evening (an hour before your actual sleep time) as a reminder for you to get ready to go to bed. 

Following this is rule 2, to sleep EARLY, because it’s obvious that, to wake up early, you got to be sleeping early as well or it’s of no use if you push yourself self to wake up early after you slept past midnight. It is COUNTERINTUITIVE. Also, no one wants those dark eye bags. RIGHT?

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This new genre of etiquette sure can be a life-changing one.

Alarms may be a failure for most of us when they come with a snooze button. Because, after putting in a dozen of alarms, we end up getting late. 

The trick is to keep your alarm device farther than an arm’s reach, for say, at a nearby table or something, so that you have to stand on your feet to put it off, reducing the 99.9% chance of you going back to sleep.

TIP: Don’t put that noisy, haunting alarm sound. How about your favorite BTS song so that you wake up pleasantly instead of jolting up like a spring.


Without knowing what to do after waking up can likely leave you bored and eventually sneaking into that precious bed again. So, having a morning routine is CRUCIAL.

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The best thing you can do is, do some exercise. Moving your body can promote blood flow, waking you up completely.

Additionally, Working out during the day exhausts you physically. So, you sleep earlier and deeper at night.


1. Caffeine can be one of the biggest enemies of sleep as it triggers the ‘fight and flight response’, making you wide awake and anxious. So, drinking coffee, etc. at night is a big NO.

2. The blue light emitted by screens as you use them with lights off, just before going to your dreamland can put your sleep off. Abandon your gadgets at least an hour before you sleep.


Although taking melatonin supplements after consulting your physician can be a way, another one is reading a book before sleep.

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When you know the WHY, the HOW becomes much easier.

# Find your reason. Why do you wanna wake up early? What motivates you to get out of bed and start a brand-new day?

 It can be as simple as eating a tasty omelet with toast or attending that morning dance class.

# Set some cues to motivate yourself, for example, placing your workout outfit as the first thing your eyes see and so on.

# Create a positive, accomplishing feeling about waking up early. Trick your mind as if, It is a thing you truly enjoy doing and not merely a habit you force yourself to follow. Create the VIBES.

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# Momentum streaks is a practice of crossing each day on a calendar that you manage to keep up the habit which acts as a little challenging pull.

# Consistency is the key. In the end, It’s always about perseverance. It is OKAY to forgive yourself when you give up for a day or two unless you are willing to stand back up STRONG.

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Kashish is a 17-year-old final-year high school student pursuing science. She is a News Analyst and Author at She aspires to be a writer who can, not only share insight and knowledge but also a glimpse of hope, happiness, and positivity through her content. Learning languages is one of her hobbies and therefore wants to become a polyglot. Kashish believes that progress is happiness and age can never come your way when you are determined to learn.

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