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Clutches you should have in 2022

You will know about Clutches You Should Have In 2022 in this article.

Clutches You Should Have In 2022
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With the government restricting Weekend lockdowns with many rules and regulations but the procurement of essentials. Those were the carefree days when we could barge into your favorite high-street store to browse the racks. And while we continue to visit e-commerce websites.

If you, like us, are looking to support a cause, why not support our homegrown brands and labels, which in turn will help our talented Indian craftspeople, designers, embroiderers, and tailors sustain a livelihood. Here attaching some stunning, affordable brands clutches you’d never take your eyes off.

#SupportIndianDesigners is an initiative started by an Indian fashion blogger and entrepreneur. She is the CEO of the fashion portal, Miss style fiesta. She is one of the leading Indian lifestyle influencers in the world with over 1 million social media followers.

Masoom Minawala was born on 17 December in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She did her schooling at Bombay Scottish School. Masoom actively participated in sports in her school days. She was the captain of her school’s football team. She went to H.R college of commerce and Economics to pursue a B.Com. After completing the course, She landed a marketing internship with Brand Marketing India.

Source: @masoomminawala

Later, she did internships with one of the famous companies like Calvin Klein. She, then, moved to London and got herself enrolled in the University of Arts London to pursue a diploma in Fashion Styling. Though she did a diploma course in arts in Mumbai. Later she dropped that course because she did not like the environment there. Currently, She is living in Antwerp, Belgium with her family.

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1. Be Chic- Lucent
Clutches You Should Have In 2022

This statement piece is renowned for its exquisiteness in hand-poured delicate resin texture.

Hand inlaid with shimmering crystals and pearls makes its celebration perfect. This brand is known for its exquisite designs and B-towns favorite brand to go for. Not only B-town but also for the photogenic fashionistas who are often invited to house parties. I feel this is the clutch that would never get old. No matter how many times you must repeat it. Nowadays, repeating clothes with mismatching pieces of jewelry, every accessory is in trend. This is the clutch that can be suitable for big fat weddings in India.  


2. Free spirit- Rachana Reddy
Clutches You Should Have In 2022

Clear-cut Purple, yellow, mint, light pink crystal beads in bright silk have been delicately carved and etched into the clutch. And other pieces are heavenly gorgeous which I couldn’t help but post a pic that has every cool collection of the clutch in it. 

Makes for a spunky accessory with both traditional and contemporary outfits. Speaking of me, I would take the beaded white bag with me to cocktail parties. It’s very cocktail-party suitable. Those embroidered clutches are breathtakingly gorgeous if you know how to carry them well. 

3. Freida Kahlo printed clutch- shiffone
Clutches You Should Have In 2022

When you hear the name, Freida Kahlo. Art is the first thing that comes to your mind. The design on the clutch very much signifies the ‘Kahlo Art’. Anyone who is an art fanatic or a person who lives an aesthetic life living. Then this clutch is made for them. Striking clutches with bohemian prints These clutches are in trend right now. 

You can find some affordable and stunning clutches here.


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4. Horizon clutch- Cyahi
Clutches You Should Have In 2022

Because you need to stand tall and firmly during dawn. That’s what comes into my mind after seeing this clutch. Cyahi is one of the best brands you can look upon when in doubt. If you are a person who finds deep meanings in everything, loves to explore, and tries to exaggerate a meaningful outcome.

Then this clutch is for you. According to me, the plant in the middle signifies you, and the shade of brown signifies dawn which means when there is a dawn in your life or a tight situation, all you need to stand firm at your place and let the dawn in your life pass away. There is always a ray of sunshine after every dawn. What do you guys think? Let me know.


5. Bead Clutch- Oceana Clutches
Clutches You Should Have In 2022

EXQUISITE Box-shaped clutch with beads string attached gives a unique look. Nowadays, Instagram bloggers, fashion stylists, or influential crowds are accessorizing small cutch bags with different looks. I think this experiment is somewhat very successful right now. These small handbags may not be able to carry each and every necessary stuff of yours but can slay any look you pair them with. 


6. Emerald Queen clutch- Duet luxury
Clutches You Should Have In 2022

A Bottle green oval-shaped box with a golden handle on top designed with intricate designs. Crafted with the finest wood and very spacious to carry all your essentials. A solid-colored dress, a gown or a saree is best paired with this plush clutch. 


7. Bronzeburst- Tarini Nirula
Clutches You Should Have In 2022

The designer says, this delicate piece is adorned with Bronzeburst minaudiere, handcrafted with gold beads and sequins. This elegant piece can be best paired with Traditional Dresses or something different like an indo-western outfit. Added with Shades of antique gold glass beads and sequins, gold poly-silk lining, gold frame with tablet encrusted clasp, gold chain.


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8. The White Baroque Rectangular Clutch with Green Stone- Sneha Bagrecha
Clutches You Should Have In 2022

The designer Sneha Bagrecha calls it a ‘Capsule Clutch’. It is tailored with Corian white marble with agate stones. This baroque clutch is one of my favorite clutches if I had to choose one between SB’s designer clutches. The agate stone in between resembles the texture and color coordination of the ocean. The stone surrounded with golden color gives it a more prominent look on white. 


Clutches You Should Have In 2022

This flap-over clutch is designed with glass beads, Japanese microbeads, and silk floss threads. As the designer says, this is a classic piece inspired by the time-honored palampore chintz and oriental silk carpets from the ‘rug belts’. Which gives you ‘Maharani’ vibes. 

Website: Click here

10. Bagh Potli Clutch- Vareli bafna
Clutches You Should Have In 2022

This clutch will remind you of Beautiful, dreamy Gardens and the smell of flowers that you can’t get enough of. The textile of the clutch bag will give you floral vibes. If we look more closely, this clutch is more suitable for attending pre-wedding festivities. Though, I love it anyway. If you can carry it then you can do anything. 


Here, the list comes to an end. I stand firmly in support of our talented Indian artisans and all the people involved in making the alluring piece of design. It’s high time that we support our Indian brands and local clothing lines. Hence, it’s my humble request that when you are going shopping, buy from such local shops or small businesses online. In turn, you’re ensuring the industry’s backbone- all the people involved in making Bags, clothes, and different accessories. 

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Anisha Sen is a News Analyst and Author at Empire Weekly.

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