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Do university degree matter in Silicon Valley

Educating yourself is the best investment however if we look into the individual circumstances there are some unavoidable exceptions.

Do university degree matter in Silicon Valley

Whether degree matters or not has been and will live for decades as a topic for debate, the big thing to understand here is the value a good university can provide in a lot of ways and it’s also true it’s valuable only till you go to university or right after you’ve graduated but there’s a bigger picture to see in it.

Educating yourself is the best investment however if we look into the individual circumstances there are some unavoidable exceptions. In the past, it was better to have a university degree from a good university but the scenarios have changed and in the world of open-source knowledge is not enough possessing the ability to perform and get the job done is what counts.

For university education, people often opt for educational loans which might seem like a good option for that moment but are a really bad investment because even after getting a job it takes years to clear those student debts.

You might have heard this quote “One exam will not decide our future” and yes, it’s true up to a certain extent but it’s not only about one exam or one class that creates an impact but it’s an aggregate of what we do every day, it’s the exam following them.

But yes, a University degree matters because it somewhere shows that you’ve been consistent hard work over the years and since you had what it took to qualify for the entrance exams, especially for Ivy leagues, it establishes a foundation that can be trusted. 

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Do university degree matter in Silicon Valley

Having a great GPA is very appreciable because not only does it build a good impression but also builds on your reliability proving you to be a consistent player and not just a one-time show.

Another thing apart from a university degree which is widely considered these days is having a dynamic personality. 

Having good grades and GPA, graduating from good universities is fine but what you have done along with your degree which can be some extra projects or involvement in extracurriculars is also what matters because it’s about how you manage things and execute them but during the journey do remember “The Jack of all trades is a master of none”. Don’t get lost in exploration it can be addictive but when the time comes pick one and only one.

You don’t have to be flawless at everything you do because perfection is a hoax it’s just unattainable and the very pursuit of it will lead to improper utilization of time which ends up in huge regret. The wise choice here will be going for things that you feel attracted to like in universities the best way to do is by joining clubs. Not only you’ll get an environment but you’ll also meet like-minded people and get to know things from their point of view.

Having a dynamic personality implies not getting owned by the circumstances because in universities/colleges our focus is mainly focused on exams and not on applications which in short will improve our problem-solving skills. 

Our education system has loopholes and no matter what we do we can’t stop the industry from changing and this is when having a dynamic personality comes into play.

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Well, in the end, it won’t matter whether you have a degree or not but having one gives you an edge but there is no substitute for skillset and experience. Experience is something that leaves people quizzing about it but the best way to attain it is startups. 

Startups are perfect especially new ones because the world is transitioning from labored jobs to entrepreneurship.

It’s not about making money it’s about solving people’s problems, making this world a better place to live. Moreover, startups don’t care about the degree they just need their work done. Established companies of Silicon Valley were once a fresh small startup, for some, it clicked, and for some, it didn’t but here we are discussing them.

“It’s not who we are underneath but what we do exactly defines us”

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