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Everything you need to know about female condom

What are the myths and facts of using condoms ? Dunno how to protect yourself with one ?

female condom
Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

The female condom is a device that’s designed to prevent pregnancy and STIs. Female condoms are made from polyurethane, latex, or nitrile rubber and are inserted into the vagina during intercourse. They can be used with any type of birth control method and with male condoms, but they’re best suited for vaginal sex since they don’t have any external parts that might cause friction or skin irritation.

How well do female condoms work? 

Female condoms are 82% effective at preventing pregnancy. They work by stopping the release of sperm when you have sex. This prevents your partner from getting pregnant and helps prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Female condoms are also more effective than male condoms because they provide a barrier between the vagina and an erection, so it’s harder for sperm to pass through them into your body.

Are female condoms beneficial?

female condom
Photo by Dainis Graveris

Female condoms are a type of barrier method for birth control. They’re also an effective way to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Female condoms are safe and easy to use, but it’s important for you to know how they work before using one for the first time.

They work instantly. You can wear it 8 hours in advance before having sex. 

Female condoms are designed for comfort, which a wider range of penis sizes can fit into. 

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There is no need for the partner to be worried about ejaculation.

It can have little to no side effects. 

It can also be used for anal sex. 

The risk factors of using a female condom

  • It can move around during sex
  • It can break or slip out
  • It can cause irritation
  • If you have an allergic reaction, it will not stop the sexual activity and your partner may be exposed to your bacteria
  • It could lead to pain along with a burning sensation or itching 

How to use a female condom? 

Source: The Indian Express

Open the package carefully and place the condom in your palm.

Place one end of the ring over your index finger and hold it there with one hand while you squeeze together both sides of ring to form a triangle.

With this side facing out, insert it into your vagina until it is comfortable — you may need to wiggle or stretch it until you can get past any discomfort (you can also use lubricant on this area if needed).

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Once inserted, turn over so that the open end faces up towards yourself; this should be easy to do because, when inserted correctly, female condoms will lie flat against vaginal walls without needing help from gravity!


Female condoms are available in drugstores and online. They’re relatively inexpensive but have some drawbacks compared to male condoms. Some people prefer them because they’re more comfortable than traditional methods of birth control, while others find them less effective at preventing pregnancy than male condoms or other methods like hormonal birth control pills. The good news is that even though they don’t work as well as some other methods out there, they do offer some benefits when used correctly!

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