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Fans Thrilled With Joy As Bin-Jin Expect Their First Child

Son Ye Jin shared a post on her Instagram announcing the news of her pregnancy with Hyun Bin. The BIN-JIN couple got married on 31st March 2022.

Fans Thrilled With Joy Bin-Jin Expect Their First Child
Image Credits: Priyanshi Goyal

The Crash Landing On You Couple – Son Ye Jin & Hyun Bin, has a great fan following not just in South Korea but all over the world. The couple was titled ‘BIN-JIN’ by the fans while the drama was released. The chemistry between the couple was noticed by the fans during their shoot and when the rumors of them dating were announced the fans were completely overjoyed.

When the couple tied a knot this year on March 31st it was completely a cherry on the top. The couple has received immense love from all over the world to date. On June 27, Yejin shared a post on her Insta handle about how she was still “dazed”.

She wrote, “You are well, right? I am doing well. Today I want to carefully share some joyful news. A new life has come to us…I’m still a bit dazed, but I’m feeling changes in my body every day with concern and excitement. As thankful as I am, I also feel more cautious, so I haven’t told anyone around me yet. Before it gets later, I am sharing this news with my fans and acquaintances who must have been waiting as much as we. We will make sure to protect the valuable life that has come to us. I hope all of you will also protect what is valuable in your lives and live in good health. Be happy.”

As soon as the post was shared, in a span of seconds the comment section was flooded with hearts and good wishes saying, “this is the moment we all have been praying and waiting for!’’

After confirming their relationship on January 1st,2021, the BIN-JIN couple announced their marriage in February 2022. And following the news, they tied a knot on 31st March 2022 this year and departed for a honeymoon to the United States on April 11. The couple has been marked as one of the most loved on-screen as well as off-screen couples not just in South Korea but internationally.

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Fans Thrilled With Joy Bin-Jin Expect Their First Child
Image Credits: Priyanshi Goyal

Their agencies denied the rumors of the couple dating but then confirmed the news about the couple falling in love while shooting the Korean drama Crash Landing On You. Ye jin confirmed the news online by sharing how embarrassed she feels updating about her personal life to her fans announcing her relationship and not work. She said, “I’m thankful to have met a good person, and I’ll work hard to tend the relationship with care. The love and support that all of you give me, I’m always keeping it in my heart.”

Congratulations to Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin on such a significant moment in their lives.


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Manali Shinde is a News analyst and entertainment content writer at Empire Weekly. She is born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication.

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