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How Doing Pranayama daily will change your life

Pranayama provides your body with more oxygen and removes toxins and carbon dioxide and helps us to do our daily human activity.

How Doing Pranayama daily will change your life
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Stop everything you’re doing physically or mentally NOW! and try to focus on your breath. You will feel the silence felt by your whole body. 

You’ll suddenly notice you’re here in the present. But you’ll be prone to marathon mind soon. 

It’s like a tug of war between your past and future. But why is it so hard to just breathe? 

Because our mind had been taught it’s the body’s work to breathe. The body has mastered it but now it’s the mind that needs to be taught.

What is pranayama?
How Doing Pranayama daily will change your life
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Controlling your breath automatically binds the brain and the body to function together. When the brain is controlled, the reckless thoughts of the future and past automatically stop.

Pranayama provides your body with more oxygen and removes toxins and carbon dioxide and helps us to do our daily human activity.

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We’re a feeling creature and the only feel we must feel is how our breath feels inside our body when we feel them,  we surrender ourselves to this safe place which is our mind and body where all the unwanted thoughts, emotions, feelings, toxins are brushed out our body and we’re left with a soul filled with just breath which is the only things needs to be existing/ allowed in our body.

A win-win situation

In exchange for your time, patience, consistency pranayama will help you with –

Mindfulness: pranayama will help to control your mind and body in breathing, which will make you aware of what’s happening. 

Mindfulness will help you to not panic or get anxious and will keep you calm and won’t let you surrender yourself and give your powers to the bad or good situations to have control over you. It all starts with you bringing yourself to sit in a place and surrender yourself and focusing on your breath and choosing whichever types of pranayama you feel comfortable with.

Sleep: is the only time we learn to make peace with the darkness. 

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People can’t go to sleep because their minds are going haywire with thoughts that will never even happen or has happened. Pranayama helps to calm down and breaks this chain of being stuck. And bring you to the present where the wind is not pulling you back or forward but is flowing in a calming state and this wind is nothing but the fragile thread of breath control from the pranayam which helps you to sleep with no fear.

Helps Quit the usage of artificial substances: people usually get into drugs, smoking, drinking is because it gives you instant relief from the pain. But this turns into an addiction and our brain which naturally produces dopamine starts to wear off and this gives you into depression and anxiety. Just like how the earth as immense power recovers, so do we. Doing pranayama will help you connect to yourself and especially to life which is nothing but a breath that feels calm both within and outside. 10 minutes of pranayama daily at a time will feel harder but in the end, this one step will be the one that will make all the difference.

Changing your life doesn’t mean you will get rich, famous, reborn. Doing pranayama gives you more than that which is peace and embracing yourself. There is nothing costlier than peace and control of mind and body. And it’s up to you to not let that fragile thread of breathing control between mind and body get erased.   

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Swati is into learning the art of all kinds. Her field of interest is painting, sketching, writing, poetry. She's is currently pursuing a degree in visual communication from Madras Christan college (2019-22) and alongside pursuing a diploma in fine Art's from the National Institute of Fine Art (2021-2022) As a kid with dyslexia, she figured her own way out of learning different concepts through art. And she has been writing and refining her knowledge & skills in English which has intrigued her into writing poetry, creative writing, and content writing. She's currently learning to expand her knowledge more in the writing field where she aims to get a deeper understanding of words and their meaning. In the future, she aims to pursue a career in Art therapy, Where she can help, connect and understand people.

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