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How Many Steps A Day For Weight Loss And Body Composition?

Discover health benefits of incorporating walking into your routine. Achieving your fitness goal, how many steps a day you need to take for weight loss? Read!

how many steps

How fun it is if we can lose our bodies through daily activity! You must have wondered what the daily activity is. Walking is a popular way to lose weight and get a shaped body. How many steps a day do you walk to achieve a smaller waistline? 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention control recommend that an adult have at least 30 minutes of physical activity in their routine or 150 minutes per week, choose an option that is more convenient to you.

Why is physical activity essential for weight loss and body composition? 

Incorporate any physical activity into your routine, is essential for weight loss, body composition, and mental health. 

Going for a walk increases your metabolism, which speeds up the process of weight loss and strengthens your muscles. That will accelerate your weight loss journey. Walking is the best way to burn calories and stay energetic all day.

How many steps a day are enough?

Whenever you scroll down Google or any other social platform, you find about walking. You have come across the popular term 10,000 steps per day. 

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In a study in 2007, a 15-week program aimed at 10,000 steps per day improved weight loss performance and cardiovascular health and also indicated psychological well-being.

10,000 steps per day is a universal health goal and an important target against obesity. The evidence concluded that the goal showed health benefits and individual sustainability.

The end of the research shows health benefits:

  1. Improves cardiovascular health
  2. Strengthen muscle
  3. Increase flexibility and mobility.
  4. Control cholesterol level
  5. Improve lower body composition

How many steps are there for shedding extra pounds?

The exact number of steps will depend on an individual’s health and physical condition. A published journal says that taking smaller steps can lead to weight loss.

Being overweight is not only concerned with physical health problems but also negatively affects mental health. 10,000 steps a day may help overweight individuals and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Incorporate more steps throughout the day

With this technological advancement, it is more difficult to incorporate more steps throughout the day. I hope these tips can help you increase your step count:

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  • Track your every step with your smartwatch or fitness band.
  • Between your work schedule in the office, take a 10-minute break and take a walk to freshen up or go to discuss your work-related matters. 
  • Choose stairs instead of those luxurious lifts or accelerators.
  • Take a short walk after completing your meal.
  • In the evening, you should prefer to go there instead of ordering tea from outside.

Is the goal of 10,000 steps per day realistic?

In this busy lifestyle, everyone does not have enough space and time to go for a walk. Incorporating walking into your routine with smaller steps Start by adding 1000 steps per day, then increase day by day as you get enough capabilities to reach 10,000 steps a day.

In summary, walking 10,000 steps a day is a huge health goal. It takes time, determination, and motivation to reach that level. Once you achieve your health goal, the result itself will motivate you to stay consistent for life.

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