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How to cure anxiety, depression, or any form of mental health issues

There is an unpopular belief that none of the world’s seven billion people are disease-free.

How To Cure Anxiety, Depression, Or Any Form Of Mental Health Issues
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The primary step one could ever take towards mental health issues is to accept it. Acknowledge that you are a patient with an anxiety disorder or a person with depression issues. Once people admit this fact then only they can move forward and think about curing possibly.

There is an unpopular belief that out of seven billion people living on this earth none is ill-free. People are either mentally, physically, or even socially suck. It is very common nowadays, a considerable number of people coming up with the idea of mental health education. Recently Selena Gomez even started funding for the same.

How to identify mental health issues

How To Cure Anxiety, Depression, Or Any Form Of Mental Health Issues
The question 

Finding out does one is truly a victim of depression or anxiety is easy. An only a simple question. “Are you personally okay?”.The ‘okay’ mentioned here has no connotations over contentment on life or any form of earthly temptation. It is a friendly concern about peace of mind. It accounts for the unbalanced emotional intelligence and how uncontrollable such a feeling is.

The answer 

In a normal scenario majority of the people’s answers would be ‘yes’. It is because people hate feeling sad, unhappy, unwanted, for even a short period. Thus every random person seeing a mental health post on social media celebrates it. It is all okay if one has the intention of taking better care of mental health. And it is even very effective having small packages and adding to a daily routine for better living. But one trying to tag himself as a depressed, person and living an entitled life will simply worsen the situation. Similarly not caring and ignoring the repeated emotional black points will also worsen oneself.

Best way to get cured of Mental Health issues

Mental health issues can’t be sorted out without patience. Because it does demands individuals consistent active involvement. In a sense, one has to be one’s half-doctor. One has to thoroughly educate himself and understand the latest studies in the mind control field.

What is in trend

It is always highly recommended to consult a therapist. He will finalize the need for professional assistance or not. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, in short CBT, is one of the most effective and popular methods. It fastens equipping oneself to deal with their challenges. It assesses the thought patterns and helps the people to have a normal one. What makes CBT differ from other methods is it actively focuses on the current thought structure while other methods try to understand the past experiences and assess the cause.

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According to American Psychological Association (APA), CBT is based on certain beliefs.

  1. Damaging or useless thoughts can cause Psychological issues
  2. Similarly damaging or useless behaviour can lead to psychological problems 
  3. A better way of thinking can be learned and can be changed 
  4. Similarly a better behaviour can be learned and can be changed

CBT normally consists of around twenty sessions in a course. In such a course a person can learn certain facts about their state of mind.

  1. Understand the underlying cause for the problems they are experiencing 
  2. How automatic those unwanted thoughts show up
  3. One’s interpretation of events can be totally wrong 
  4. Differentiating the illogical irrational even unethical mode of thinking from the simple reality 
  5. The influence of past experiences and memory over the present feeling 
  6. Shift in perspective 
  7. Accepting others and oneself the way they are instead of negatively criticising or judging

What all CBT can treat

It can cure almost all kinds of phobias. It is in practice for the  treatment of ;

1. Genera anxiety disorder 

2. Social phobia


4. Depression

5. Insomnia

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Apart from the above-mentioned, it is also helpful in treating several mental and physical issues.


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