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Is It True That Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health? Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Here in this article you are going to know about five simple reasons why exercise is good for both your body and your mind.

Is It True That Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health? Here Are 5 Reasons Why
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“Good health is wealth” – What’s more important than a healthy body with better mental health? One should know that being healthy is not only having a healthy physique but also a healthy mind.

Nelson Mandela once quoted, “Exercise is not only the key to have physical health but also to achieve one’s peace of mind”. Regular exercise keeps a person occupied, which is good for their mental health. It enhances the mood and also at the same time improves your physical health. 

When your mind and your heart are at war, what better way to divert yourself than exercising? Regular exercise not only regains back your self-confidence but also gives you the motive to feel better about yourself and your body. Aerobic capacity and muscle mass aren’t the only benefits of exercise.

Exercises not only indicate running on a treadmill or working out in a gym but also small steps like morning walks, yoga, exercises at home. This not only will narrow your waist or build up your muscles or maybe even add more life to your age but also prevents you from breaking down due to bad mental health. 

Researchers say that regular exercise provides people with a huge sense of well-being. One who exercises regularly gets a better sleep at night, they feel optimistic about themselves, it also helps them remember things better and most importantly it helps them fight their anxiety, depression and brightens one’s mood. 

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If regular exercises can be a cure for your mental illness, why not do that? 

Here are 5 simple reasons why exercise can be beneficial for a healthy body and a healthy mind:
Is It True That Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health? Here Are 5 Reasons Why
1. Gain self-confidence

Self-love is the key! Exercise can help one regain self-confidence by meeting fitness objectives no matter how minor or small it is. Exercise makes one more confident in getting into shape and feeling good about their body which is a very good start to improve one’s mental health along with physical health. Therefore, exercise can be highly beneficial for positive mental health as for a healthy mind self-confidence is the first step ahead. 

2. Improve one’s mood

Exercise releases a happy mood hormone. Its called a “Happy-mood hormone” as regular exercise releases ‘Endorphin’ which are considered natural cannabis-like brain chemicals that improve one’s mood and make a person feel happy. Exercise can improve or enhance a person’s mood in the vent when they are feeling low or melancholy or overwhelmed. 

3. Helps in reducing mental illness

Exercise promotes calmness and makes one happy. It distracts oneself from fighting with its own mind. It provides a mental respite and aids in the management of stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Everyone faces mental illness at some point or the other, and what helps to prevent is- Exercise.

Exercise itself is considered a stress relief therapy. Regular exercise helps prevent chronic diseases and benefits cardiovascular health and the overall well-being of a person. One is more prone to have heart diseases or even worse like bipolar disease or maybe even breathing problems like Ashtama when the mental health is not okay, so in order to prevent all of these, the answer is- To exercise and live a healthy life.

4. Helps one quit bad habits

When a person undergoes stress or depression or anxiety, one tends to be more addicted to smoking or drinking more than usual. And exercising helps withdraw from such bad habits since it’s neither good for your physical health nor your mental health. Regular exercises teach one self-control over their body and mind. 

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5. Provides better rest and sleep

Studies say that when a person is mentally ill, the lack of sleep worsens their physical health and mental health as well. Why sleep is so necessary is because your health is the first priority and your body needs rest at the end of the day. Even light exercises or a proper workout helps one relax and that eventually gives a person a proper sleep. Rest is really important since “Our body is a temple and taking care of it is a blessing we do in return.” 


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Akangkshya Sarma is a Professional Content Writer and a News Analyst at Empire Weekly. She is currently pursuing MA in English at Sharda University, Greater Noida. Akangkshya is a very dedicated and hard working person who is also a gold medalist for her academic excellence. She is a UPSC and APSC aspirant.

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