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Jayeshbhai Jordaar Trailer Review

The most awaited trailer was out on April 19 and the film will be released worldwide on May 13th 2022. A film that talks about the female foeticide in the Indian society but also adds a healthy amount of humour throughout the film to entertain and most importantly educate people.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Trailer Review

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Trailer Review – There is a thin line between comedy and insult and if people aren’t careful with what they say or portray it will most definitely cause an outrage.

And Bollywood industry has been very much successful in being careful when dealing with such sensitive topics. Movies like Vicky Donor, Bahaai ho, Shubh Mangal Zyaada Saavdhan, and many more have perfectly captured the attention of all Indians. Where the film talked about serious issues that India shies away from and doesn’t want to acknowledge. 

Bollywood has also successfully sprinkled the masalas, and comedy in it to make it feel like home and relatable but without offending and preaching too much.    

And now Bollywood had come up with a character named Jayeshbhai Jordaar who is a perfect example of quirkiness but this Gujarati boy has his heart in the right place which will inspire, make you laugh, melt your heart, and will show the world that this is what a real hero looks, thinks and talks like. 

The movie has picked up on a very important issue that India has been facing for years and even with so much development in years, there are many cases of female foeticides. This is not a new topic that we don’t know of, we already know about it and were taught about it in schools and colleges but in a less effective way. Which is the issue. Words can be powerful but with added voice and visuals they can reach and teach millions of people who will be encouraged to take immediate action even when no one is watching. 

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Let’s look into the story, cast, what Ranvir says about the film, and the review of the trailer to see if it has balanced the humor and the serious issue or not. 

Story & Film’s team
Jayeshbhai Jordaar Trailer Review
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Jayeshbhai Jordaar’s film is about female foeticides and how women are treated in the Indian village. Jayesh’s father (Boman Irani) is a village chief who is not so educated about women and blames them for provoking men’s wild thoughts. But his son Jayeshbhai (Ranveer Singh) is not like that. After nodding and being obedient to his dad he takes a stand for his wife and his daughters and does everything he could to protect his unborn girl child from his family who wants the female child to be aborted.   

Jayeshbhai Jordaar is an Indian social comedy-drama film directed and written by Divyang Thakkar. Produced by Adhitya Chopra and Maneesh Sharma. Starring the most diligent artist like Ranveer Singh, Boman Irani, Ratna Pathak Shah, Shalini Pandey (Her Bollywood debut), and many more fabulous actors and actresses. Cinematography by Siddharth Diwan and edited by Namrata Roa. Music by Sanchit Balhara, Ankit Balhar, and an amazing song by Vishal Shekar. 

Ranveer Singh Say On The Film
Jayeshbhai Jordaar Trailer Review
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At the trailer launch, Ranveer Singh said that he hopes that Jayeshbhai Jordaar shines the light on the pertinent issues in an entertaining way. And he continues by saying that the film will tackle issues like female foeticide as well as domestic violence and other important issues. 

He talked about how he was taught in school about this and how shameful it is that it is still happening in our country.

Ranveer Singh compared his film Jayeshbhai Jordaar to Charlie Chaplin movies where we won’t be able to stop or control the laughs even when it is talking and showing something tragic. As Charlie Chaplin once said that – To truly laugh you have to take your pain and play with it. This is the beauty of the tragic humor because under the jokes lies something too real. 

Review Of The Trailer
Jayeshbhai Jordaar Trailer Review
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In the trailer, we get to see how Jayeshbhai’s father has an uneducated mindset about women and when a female complains about men’s harassment in the village, he blames women for it. 

Gives a foolish reason that because women use scented soaps which provokes men’s minds and they act out of control which is not their fault. 

The son even nods to his father’s statement but he knows that what his father said is ethically and morally wrong. Ranveer Singh brings life to the character of the Gujarati small-town boy. Shalini Pandey is seen trying her best to perform with experienced actors and actresses.

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The crux of the story is the father and son’s fight.  When Jayeshbhai finds out that he’s gonna have another girl child, knowing how his family will react, runs away with his kid and wife to protect them from this cruelty. Especially protect the unborn girl child from his father who wants her to be aborted. His father and mother are adamant about wanting a boy child from his son so that the boy child can grow up and take up his role in the village. 

The dialogues in films are light and funny.  And gives out a loud & clear message about how to treat a woman who gets treated like trashcans and child-making machines.  

A small letdown in the trailer is the minimal scenes in the trailer of Ratna Pathak. Jayeshbhai’s 1st daughter also encourages him and boosts his energy in a way that he gets strong enough to fight against his father which shows the powerful bond between the father and daughter.  

The ending of the trailer is the cherry on the top when Jayeshbhai’s father finds them but Jayeshbhai uses a killer move and offers to chop off his genital instead. Irani’s reaction to losing his son or losing a chance of having a grandson is a hilarious scene.

Overall the trailer of the film gives out the best glimpses of the film and grabs a lot of attention from the audience who can’t wait for may 13 to arrive. 

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