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Jurassic World Dominion: Movie Review

Jurassic World returns with the final installment in the franchise and the fans are disappointed.

Jurassic World Dominion: Movie Review

Colin Trevorrow returns as writer and director of the new and final installment in the Jurassic World franchise: Jurassic World Dominion. Characters from the Jurassic World films and the original Jurassic Park films can be seen together on screen. 

Let’s dig deep to know further about the cast, story, and review of the film!


Jurassic World Dominion: Movie Review
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This multi-starrer film includes both new and returning faces. The three main stars from the original Jurassic Park reunite – Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Sam Neil alongside the Jurassic World star Chris Pratt as Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing, with some new faces joining like DeWanda Wise and Mamoudou Athie. 


Jurassic World Dominion follows four years after the events of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, where the Isla Nebar has been destroyed, and dinosaurs live and hunt alongside the humans. Claire Dearing and Owen Grady live in a remote cabin looking after Maisie Lockwood, who turns out to be a clone of Benjamin Lockwood’s granddaughter. 

Biosyn, a company that has taken over the process of identifying the genetics that could help the human race, looks for profit at the cost of human life. The company abducts the real Maisie Lockwood, and in order to rescue her, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing are set on an adventure. 


The highly anticipated conclusion to the Jurassic World franchise starts off as a fast-paced adventure in the first half but slows down in the second half. The movie could not hold the attention of the viewers and live up to their expectations.

Despite gripping visuals, a wide range of characters, and many references to the earlier entries, however, the installment could not do justice. The repetition of the plotline sets back the viewers from enjoying a new movie. 

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The climaxing element isn’t very strong as the story is a lot predictable. The twists and turns were introduced much before the climax, taking away the suspenseful element. The Dominion portrays a lot of different scenes which confuses the viewers about its main plotline and leaves them to figure it out. A lot of characters in certain scenes do not make sense, like Jeff Goldblum’s character, does not really make sense to the story. 

Jurassic World Dominion Movie Review

However, on a plus side, the fans are provided with some satisfying answers to lingering plot points of Fallen Kingdom.

The return of the trio, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Sam Neil, after Steven Speilberg’s 1993 Jurassic Park, which left a deep and lasting imprint on the Hollywood industry, did not live up to the expectations of the fans of the franchise.

Repetitive plotlines, which were presented as the nostalgic reference to the original movies, made the movie look like a clone and an amalgamation of the original three installments and the Jurassic World movies.

Source: Bollywood Hungama, Screenrant, and The Guardian

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