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King Richard Movie Review: An Inspiring True-Life Sports Biopic

King Richard, a sort of biopic, does a good job of capturing Richard Williams’ path to success, and the ‘tough love born of a desire for his children to have a better life’ comes across quite well.

King Richard Movie Review: An Inspiring True-Life Sports Biopic

The sports field is a warzone with rules, where an individual not just fights the world and their opponents but fights their inner demons, struggles, and battles of life that keep showing up in the front door after each triumph. A person who carries all these burdens of complexity throughout life and still chooses to enter the arena and fight is the real-life warrior we need to be celebrated. “King Richard” movie is such a movie, that portrays the real-life struggles and battles fought with patience, family strength, and unwavering faith. Where we see a determined father who coaches his daughters to have a better life than he had.

Let us look into why this movie deserves to be added to your must-watch list –

The first reason is definitely that “king Richard” receives 6 Oscar nominations including Best Picture, best original screenplay, best actor, best-supporting actress, best original song, and best film editing. And it has a heart-warming inspiring story and the best actors and actresses who brought life to the movie.


Richard is shaped by his wife Oracene Price, poverty, violence, and racial discrimination. He is ready to move heaven and earth to overcome whatever comes his way and take his girls from the streets and raggedy court of Campton to Wimbledon and beyond and engrave his daughter’s name in history. Through rain and shine his two daughters- Venus William and Serena William are shaped by their father’s commitment and mother’s kneen intuition.

King Richard Cast & The Real-Life Counterparts
King Richard
Will Smith

Will Smith is best known for his diligent hard work and amazing acting skills. He has appeared in many fictional dramas and movies. The fresh prince of bel-air brought him global recognition. Will Smith has even produced a series. His excellent delivery in comedy, adventure, sci-fi has made him win so many hearts. Especially his acting in the biopic(Chris Gardner)  movie – The pursuit of happiness( a father’s role) where he took the entire world on an emotional rollercoaster and proved his worth that cannot be replaced or erased. And now with King Richard, he is again coming with another father’s biopic which is filled with emotions. 

Richard William

Richard is an American tennis coach, born on February 14th in the year 1942. And he is the man behind the success story of Serena and Venus Williams. He learned tennis from a man named “Old whiskey”. When he saw Virginia Ruzuci playing tennis on television, he decided to coach his daughters and turn them into professionals. William has told that he made a plan of 78 pages and started giving tennis lessons when Venus and Serena were just 4 and a half. 

Aunjanue Ellis

She is an actress and a producer. Her film career began first in the theatres. And she made her debut in girl town. She is best known for her role in undercover brother, ray, men of honor, the talking of pelham, and the amazing movie- the help. Ellis has also played the leading role in the ministers the “Book of negros” which is the best-selling novel by Lawrence hill. She has currently earned the nomination for best-supporting actress in the Oscars.

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Oracene Price

Oracene was born on April 3, 1952. She is best known for being both mother and coach for her daughter Venus and Serena. She has taught them discipline, focus and helped them build self-esteem, even in outside interest.   

Saniyya Sydney

She is an American actress and she earned recognition in the American horror story: Roanoke, her breakthrough was in the period drama films Fences for which she received a nomination for the screen actors guide for the outstanding performance. For King Richard, she received several accolades.

Venus Williams

Is an unprofessional American tennis player. She is world no.1 in both singles and doubles and she has won 7 grand slams in single titles. She is one of two active players who has made it to all 4 major single finals.  

Demi Singleton

She is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She is best known for her role in the crime tv series Godfather of Harlem and as the young Serena Williams in “King Richard”. She says that she never had played before.

Serena Williams

She is an American professional tennis player.  She has won 23 grand slams single times and has been ranked in singles for worlds no.1 by the women’s tennis association. She is the most recent player who has held all 4 major doubles titles. 

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King Richard

The indie director Reinaldo Marcus Green steps up his game and brings us this engaging true-life drama about Richard William and his hardworking talented daughters and mother. Zack Baylin’s script has done justice to the movie by not making it cliched. Professional tennis is an expensive game, and these two girls Serena and Venus come from a working-class family and professional tennis seemed like a distant dream.

Richard with his wife Oracene together comes up with a plan and writes it down in the 78 pages. People think he’s crazy because those plans have to come true. “We have got to stick to the plan” is constantly repeated in the film. Richard is seen trying to convince the rich people and bet on his two girls who he says are prodigies. We see Venus William’s success where her sister Serene trains in her sister’s shadow.

The main attraction and focus of the movie are on the family, of how they overcame the struggles, and how Richards’s master plan is played out in practice. We get bits and pieces about why he’s a hardened father and is ruthless. This movie might sound like the typical parent’s dream put onto kids. But in this movie, we see why it is done so.

When venus William thinks she’s ready, Richard reminds her of the responsibilities that she carries onto the court, her accomplishment will not just help herself and the family that’s been struggling but it will expand the potential of black girls everywhere. Richard provides his daughter pressure and protection. This movie is a family project, an group effort. 

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