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Law of attraction and its reality check

The Law of Attraction assumes that one is entirely responsible for any goal that is not achieved, no matter how unrealistic.

Law Of Attraction And Its Reality Check

The Law of attraction is a direct or indirect element in the majority of self-help books. There are several best-sellers like ‘The secret’, ‘The power of your subconscious mind, ‘The honeymoon effect’, Think and grow rich, etc. It is evident people are reading those laws of attraction materials and trying to apply them. Is it cool to believe the mind is the magic wand people have been searching for?

What is the law of attraction? 

It is the belief that thoughts can manifest themselves into reality. More precisely, positive thoughts attract positive and negative thoughts attracts negative experiences to one’s life. This is based on thoughts are a form of energy and it has a vibration.

Does it have a scientific basis?

The Law of Attraction has no conclusive scientific evidence to support it. Thus it is considered a Pseudoscience with wide acceptance along with criticism. Thus the law of attraction claims to be both scientific and factual but fails to meet the scientific method to substantiate.

Prominent supporters of this ‘New thought ‘ of school relate the law of attraction with various scientific theories and try to argue on behalf of that. Quantum physics has such a theory that is celebrated by propagators. But many critics analyzed it as misusing scientific theories. But Max Planck, the originator of Quantum theory has a favorable opinion. As a scientist, he feels the mind is the matrix of all matters.

Law Of Attraction

Thus the fact about the law of attraction is, it is difficult to consider as false because of such statements made by experts. Similarly, It is not confident enough to accept as it lacks scientific methodology. Remember the quantum theory can only give an explanation.

Reality check

What about those people yelling “manifestation gave me wealth and prosperity”?.

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Well, Let’s take a balanced approach towards it since there are living people who are with uncompromising confidence. 

First of all ‘Believe in the belief system ‘ is not a new thought invented by some authors of self-help books. It has well-defined practice history from ancient times. The teachings of  Prophets are fundamentally rooted in blind belief. From holly Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, all get references relating to being hopeful, to believe in God theory.

 This law of attraction is based on the programming trait of the subconscious mind. Hypnotism which has wide practice is also based on this subconscious programming mechanism. Thus it is okay to believe in the law of attraction not blindly but with the factual knowledge that that’s how the mind works. 


The law of attraction at optimum vibration is a tool to give an explanation to all the aspects of life. It has positive connotations and it is to simplify solving one ‘s life. When a person becomes knowledgeable about his negative thinking has a negative experience to reflect on, he tends to filter his thoughts. He can think in terms of his desired life and can focus on it. 

Remember it is based on programming principles. It allows an individual to be a positive critic about his life condition. Thus prevent from being a complaint box about his fate and God. He can become rational that his mind works on an input-output basis. Attempts to make necessary corrections on the basis level called thoughts are lifeward.

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The aim of the portrayal of the law of attraction in religious scripts is Godward and peaceful. But the most reflected aspect of the law of attraction portrayed is materialistic. Peace of mind is an output of detachment from the Earthly desires. Moreover, several statements legitimize the subconscious mind as the ultimate power center. Which can bring ambiguity to the layman’s belief in God theory.

Apart from that, it has a notion of toxic positivity. This compulsion to be positive all the time tends to repress Negative emotions completely which further results in emotional imbalance or disorder. These all are prone to the people who don’t get the optimum vibration of the law of attraction.

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Fathima Rusmin is a professional content writer, she is News Analyst and Author at She is a 21 year old UPSC Aspirant who's pursuing UG in English Literature at St.Joseph’s College (autonomous) Devagiri, Calicut.

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