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Martin Campbell’s memory lacks a tight screenplay delivering an average performance

‘Memory’ is a good reminder of the anti-hero-romanticism track that Liam Neeson has glamorised in Hollywood over the years.

Martin Campbell's memory lacks a tight screenplay delivering an average performance

Movie Review: The latest Hollywood release is “Memory” which is a remake of the 2003 Belgian film The Memory of a Killer. Directed by Martin Campbell starring Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce, Ray Stevenson, Taj Atwal, and Monica Bellucci The film is a blended cop/ revenge based thriller movie which is about an assassin-for-hire who discovers that he has become an aim of the target after he refuses to complete a job for a risky criminal corporation.


In the film Memory, Neeson plays Alex Lewis, a top-notch assassin for hire whose service has been in demand for several years. Sadly, he is gradually losing his mind and memory due to Alzheimer’s. Hence, wishes to live his life and fulfill his dreams before the deadly disease takes over his mind and body, but he is convinced to take one last case before his retirement.

This last case involves getting two USB keys and the violent deaths of two targets. The twist comes across when Alex realizes that one of the targets is a child and refuses to complete the task, resulting in the contractors tracking Alex down and agent Vincent Sierra played by Guy Pearce looking for him.


Despite being a film with a great cast, it fails to set an impact.

The film does keep you intact for the first one hour, after which it gradually loses its grip as it keeps introducing new characters without taking time to wrap them up resulting in a dissatisfying ending. Seems like screenwriter Dario Scardapane gave up midway through the screenplay while defining the characters.

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This film mainly centers around Neeson’s Alzamerier’s disease, which is a setback while trying to kill someone as he forgets his tasks from time to time.

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In addition, none of the supporting characters are fleshed out well enough either, which is disappointing considering the director’s potential and the amazing star cast of the film.

For instance, Guy Pearce, who plays a competitive FBI agent in the film, believes that he is ahead of Alex in terms of wit, but he isn’t Instead, his character seems very mundane and the kind with the same curve as any ordinary FBI agent which is witnessed a thousand times in the history of cinema.


Martin Campbell's memory lacks a tight screenplay delivering an average performance

Although the main character (Alex) and his progressing Alzamier’s disease in the film act as an element of interest in this chasing thriller, it limits the capabilities of the lead.

Those who know about this disease Alzheimer’s, are aware that it is a slowly progressing, relapsing disease. 

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However, Alex is seen progressing with his disease fast towards the end of the film thereby seriously compromising his potential as an assassin. Hence, the film seems to lack a tight screenplay (especially the action sequences). Neeson does not add much to his role except for a lot of expectations that partially work in the film’s favor. 

As a cat and mouse chasing thriller, the film showcases both its strengths and weaknesses.

The film can be expected to be appreciated amongst the home audience in the theatres. It cannot expect much beyond that since it is a remake of a previous film based on a book.

Although, the film is partially entertaining as Neeson (Alex) delivers a decent performance. It lacks a few elements like a loose screenplay with very few action sequences and muzzy development of characters throughout the film making it a “one time watch” film.

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