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Masaba Masaba Season 2: Review

Masaba Masaba Season 2: Review
Photo: Netflix

The mother-daughter acting duo Masaba and Neena Gupta are featured in Sonam Nair’s second season of Masaba Masaba. To the dismay of society, a single, independent, professional woman who chooses her career above a family finds turning 30 to be a terrible life milestone.

No amount of new adult romantic drama about a happy ever after and a chance encounter with a gentleman will be able to cover up the dreadful, terrifying experience of growing older.

As Masaba Masaba season 2 skillfully showed, being unmarried and enjoying life as a woman without having to worry about starting a family is merely a fantasy concept in a desi household.

In season one of the reality-celebrity web series on Netflix, Masaba Gupta, a businesswoman, and fashion designer, made her acting debut and dazzled the audience with her portrayal of a character.

Together with her mother, the seasoned performer Neena Gupta, she embarked on the expedition. Was the plot’s core sacrificed in order to fulfill the second season’s promises of glamour, drama, and a dirtier season? Read the review without any spoilers to find out why I posed the query.

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What if you decide to go against your heart while doing so?

This idea appears to have been the foundation of the show, and women in particular who are still figuring out their lives would find it quite appealing.

Masaba Masaba season 2 effectively utilizes this idea against a backdrop of fashion as Masaba Gupta introduces a new line of bridal apparel and becomes entangled in a love triangle.

While attempting to create distinctive bridal clothing for Indian brides, Masaba is harassed by her mother, Neena Gupta, over her upcoming nuptials. She suffers from the constant reminder of her single life brought on by her own mother’s critical remarks.

Masaba’s desire to rule the fashion world was depicted in the teaser, but it seemed to get lost in the chaos of her personal life and only sometimes surfaced as a way of escape for Masaba.

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You get a glimpse into Masaba’s fashion empire as she manages her personal concerns thanks to the show’s seemingly true occurrences.

Masaba Masaba Season 2: Review
Photo credit: Netflix

Neena Gupta’s performance shone out, reflecting her decades of experience even though Masaba is the show’s headliner.

The drama provides a sober perspective on the glossy lifestyles of prominent celebrities, demonstrating that they are in fact much like the rest of us in many ways.

The situations that Masaba runs into are highly relatable, which strengthens the argument. The show does a fantastic job of capturing the topsy-turvy feelings that come with dealing with coworkers, ex-lovers, and a mother who is way too worried. There are some real-world elements sprinkled throughout the fictional world of fashion, which may be entertaining. Don’t have high expectations for this season’s fashion, though. The classic love triangle is also on display as Masaba faces with a conflict between a good guy and a bad guy.

This season, there is a lot of discussion on juggling job and life while the world pressures you to establish a family. The first season dealt with divorce-related problems.

The nation’s working-class women, especially those who are beginning to enter the thirty-flirty stage of their lives, are sure to relate to other congeneric concerns like a midlife crisis, body image problems, and love triangles.

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She had already demonstrated that she was a natural on camera, and the second season further strengthened the praise. Regardless of their career or lifestyle, women in their late fifties and early sixties are guaranteed to be moved by Neena Gupta’s performance.

Every mother may identify with the charm and wisdom encased in a bundle of innocence and unadulterated love of her daughter. Observing her chemistry with Ram Kapoor was equally energizing.

Neena’s world is not, however, made up entirely of unicorns and fairies, as the show deftly illustrates on screen.

Both Armaan Khera’s Fateh and Neil Bhoopalam’s Dhairya performed their roles convincingly, but Neil grabbed the top prize by maintaining, if not amplifying, his charms from the previous season.

Although she didn’t really contribute much to the plot, her witty remarks and upbeat demeanor served as a nice break from the narrative’s generally plodding pacing.

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Despite having little screen time, Barkha Singh and Ram Kapoor’s performances were a reflection of their professional backgrounds and instantly endearing.

The second half of the program kicks up as the love triangle becomes more intense, giving us a taste of Masaba’s acting prowess in the romance genre, which she nailed.

The writing accurately captured the subtleties and complexity that women, particularly the strong-willed ones with a myriad of obligations on their shoulders, cope with when they are required to make a commitment in their personal lives.

Masaba’s hesitation to take a risk in her romantic endeavors while being courageous in her job decisions was intriguing yet realistic.

One of the things that makes the program appealing is how subtly it portrays a funny drama that alternates between the complexities of personal and professional connections.

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I have to admit, though, that the program lacked depth. The coherence of the episodes seemed fragile, and occasionally the writing seemed bland and uninspired. They might just be fillers, which might make you want to pause the show and complete it later. Despite the fact that it wouldn’t be accurate to call it a snooze fest, there were some aspects that kept me from giving it my entire attention.

The show’s ability to be entertaining was owed to the characters and how well they got along with one another.

The script seemed weak because there didn’t seem to be enough opportunities for the characters to develop a bond with one another, which prevented the audience from being emotionally invested in them.

Their plots’ seemingly forced development came across as a way to make up for the first half’s plodding buildup.

The viewers seemed to connect with Masaba and Neena’s quarreling and ordinary mother-daughter relationship devoid of elegance and lavish feelings in the first season. But in the second, it was lacking.

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However, it expertly executed each of its separate plotlines.

Neena faced an old passion while also rediscovering her inner artist who wears many hats and maneuvers in a world ruled by males, while Masaba coped with a love triangle.

Although each of their tales had a significant position in the show in its own right, viewers would find it strange that they had no relationship at all.

This could also turn out to be a wise choice on the part of the creators because it could appeal to a wider audience.

The second season of Masaba Masaba digs more thoroughly into the rom-com subgenre. The Netflix series created by Ashvini Yardi features fictionalized characters of Neena Gupta and her daughter Masaba Gupta.

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Round two improves on its predecessor by abandoning any pretense of being a mockumentary and treating its protagonist as a completely fictional character rather than an approximation of who she could truly be. The fear of redundancy serves as the season’s central theme if there is such a thing, which spans seven episodes.

Masaba Masaba wears Mohit Rai’s fashionable apparel and lives a lavish lifestyle, all the while implying with a broad wink that the Guptas are also suffering.

Sonam Nair returns as series director. Nair has also written the screenplay along with Nandini Gupta, Punya Arora, and Anisha Raisurana. While the plot moves strictly on expected lines, the dialogue is cheerfully shallow, often very funny, and faithful to the luxe surroundings.

Disclaimer: The insights expressed in this article are those of the author. This article was not written or edited by; it was published on August 2, 2022.

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