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PlayStation State of Play March event: How to watch and where to expect? 

Indian viewers will be able to catch the State of Play event on March 10, at 3:30 am IST.

PlayStation State of Play March event: How to watch and where to expect? 

PlayStation State of Play March event – Sony has announced its second State of Play event for 2022 to showcase its new games and provide updates on previously revealed titles. The stream will go live on March 9, at 2 pm (PST), and will be focusing on games from their Japanese publishers.

How to watch PlayStation State of Play March 2022?

Indian viewers will be able to catch the State of Play event on March 10, at 3:30 am IST. The 20-minute presentation will be streamed live on PlayStation’s official Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook channels, and no pre-shows are scheduled, so tuning in at the right time will help to catch valuable content.

What to expect from PlayStation State of Play March 2022?

Multiple confirmations from Sony regarding the event which will be completely based on Japanese publishers, with a few updates from foreign developers, are expected as well. One of the major expectations was the PSVR2 but a recently unveiled PlayStation VR2 headset will not be featured in this event which was disappointing for a lot of enthusiasts.

Square Enix has been a long supporter of the state of play event with its close ties with Sony who had previously released some gameplay footage for their upcoming action RPG (role-playing game), Final Fantasy XVI. Scheduled to hit the markets by 2021Whose development was pushed back by six months due to complications by COVID and resulted in shifting of deadlines and cancellation of asset deliveries from outsourcing partners pushing its release to 2022.

PlayStation State of Play March event: How to watch and where to expect? 
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That said, one game that has appeared as the front runner for this event is the Ghost wire: Tokyo, developed by a Japanese studio and will be available to PCs and PS5 by the 25th of March, so Sony will probably spare some time to promote the game ahead of its launch.

Rumors have been swirling around the troubled development of Hogwarts Legacy, which also has received a few updates since its official announcement back in 2020 and at this point, more content leaks regarding the game have made it to the surface than actual announcements. Rumors also suggest that” Hogwarts Legacy” will be announced in a March PlayStation event, which lines up after the State of Play.

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The game with the highest hopes and aspirations from fans is the God of War Ragnarök. The sequel of the highly-acclaimed God of War was set to be one of Sony’s biggest titles in 2021. God of War Ragnarök was delayed to 2022 and it still lacks a solid release date. With delays pushing it back to 2022, a release date for God of War Ragnarök would be one of the biggest revelations of State of Play.

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