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Sex Education Season 4: Everything You Need To Know

Sex Education: The most awaited and loved series of Netflix is back with the season 4. Read this article to find out all the hints we got.

Sex Education gained popularity for being a safe “Sex Ed” space. The young audience got answers to their wandering questions about sex, libido, sexuality, and other stuff. It opened the gates to fun learning with comedic expression. The new teaser for Sex Education’s fourth season reveals a bunch of clues about what’s about to happen. Let’s find out everything about our favorite character

Season 4 Puts Sex Education in a New Setting

In the teaser, we saw Otis giving a speech to students. Being branded as a “sex school,” Moordale Secondary School lost its funding resources and was sold to developers. This left all its students adrift. That might sound like bad news but it isn’t. Students get to be more expressive, and open about their sexuality and the uniform has to go! Now they will shift to progressive Cavendish Sixth Form College.

Otis and Ruby Are Back

A crucial moment in the Sex Education Season 4 teaser is a scene featuring Ruby and Otis suggestively staring at each other on Ruby’s bed. Otis and Ruby are opposite of each other yet they bring out the best of each other. Ruby helps Otis become more social and confident. Whereas, Otis helps Ruby to not care just about looks and to open up her feelings. However, Otis lets her down when he finds a chance to be with Maeve again after many failed attempts.

Goodbye, Maeve?

The first image of Sex Education Season 4 revealed that Maeve is in a different school, next to a new character and an American flag. The teaser briefly follows Maeve wandering around her new school in a scene. The scene seems diverse in everything except for teenagers being teenagers. This might also mean that she has to be away from Otis, Eric and other friends. So, we guess their fandom is about to be disappointed. Adam and Mr. Groff Have a Long Way To Go

Adam And Mr Groff

Sex Education Season 3 left Adam in a bad place. He found himself but he lost others. Similarly, Mr. Groff is desperately trying to overcome the failure of his life by searching for a job and reconciling with his ex-wife and son. He and Adam might be the loneliest characters in the show. Uniting them would be a literal “aww”some moment. Fans can expect plenty of hilarious moments from the two as the teaser briefly shows them in a tight spot as they drive together.

Aimee Found Herself

After going through a frustrating relationship with Adam in Season 1. Then we see her suffering from a traumatic situation in Season 2. Aimee, who had always been open about sex, struggles to be intimate with her boyfriend. The Season 4 teaser hints at Aimee gradually getting back on track, focusing on figuring herself out first before engaging in a romantic relationship with someone else.

Sex Education Season 4 Hints at New Characters

With our favorite characters such as Ola and Lily exiting the show, Season 4 will likely bring new exciting characters on board. Jodie Turner-Smith, Thaddea Graham, Marie Reuther, Felix Mufti, Anthony Lexa, Alexandra James, Imani Yahshua, and Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy are all names that have joined the Sex Education cast for the final season and can be found in the teaser. The teaser hints at Levy’s character, Thomas, Maeve’s U.S. tutor at her Ivy League college. Being a recurring character in Maeve’s arc, given that none of her friends will be around. Additionally, the teaser suggests that characters such as Isaac and Jackson will have even more screen time in the final season.

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