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Struggling with concentration? Here is why and how to improve concentration

Everyone wishes for a more structured life. A more focused and aware attitude to every moment of life allows us to get more done in less time.

Struggling with concentration? Here is why and how to improve concentration
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A state of lacking concentration is horrible. It is easy to become busy with unwanted things and lose the charm to maintain priority. A deadline in career, scholar life become a deadlock to life add more bitter grains to struggle. An organized life is everyone’s wish. A more concentrated and mindful approach towards every moment of life enables us to get done things the better way. 

What is concentration?

According to Monks perspective, Dandapani says it is the ability to bring awareness to a thing or person for an extended period of time. And he adds until or unless he consciously chooses to shift awareness from one thing to another. This art of concentration can only be better understood by understanding the separation of awareness from the mind. 

It is more like playing the piano. If one has to play the piano first he has to learn how to play the piano. Once he learned that then he has to practice it to become good at it. Similarly, how to concentrate have to be learned and practiced. If people ever wonder why people are good at distraction it’s because that is the only thing people are practicing.

Why should concentrate?

One day Dandapani was attending a program named World knowledge forum in South Korea.

There were about 3000 people who attended the program. It was only 60 to 70 people invited for dinner including Presidents and Prime Ministers of various countries. A strange guy approached Dandapni while he was talking with a couple of people.

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Dandapani states this person has taught him the biggest lesson one could ever teach him that year. He was the chief of staff who began his conversation like who you, what all this, how you fit about like way. Dandapani allowed the confusing conversation by saying ”Hi”.

“The problem with the monk’s talk is you did not make the case” He commented. Dandapani was confused and asked, “ what do you mean by that, could you please explain”. The guy was actually giving feedback to Dandapani’s previous talk on environment preservation which was held on behalf of the UN secretary. He again stressed making the case by saying “how can I tell a single mother with two jobs who has 3 kids that she should care for the environment”. The guy was saying Dandapani was talking about only what to do not why to do it. This made Dandapni rethink his own world tour lectures in terms of teaching why one should concentrate.

Benefits of concentration

1. Ability to make better choices

Once the art of concentration is learned then it allows observing the surroundings well. Since the situation is analyzed in a more sensible way finding the cause and solutions for challenges become much easier. Life can be perceived in a more crystal format. Expelling the unhelpful things preserving the helpful things becomes the choice.

2. Healthy communication

Give undivided attention to the person while engaging in a conversation. A good listen can only be a good speaker. The mood swings of the opposite counterpart are out of hand. But the way to respond towards it can be in control. Unhealthy and not honest self-expression can lead to a break up in relationships and careers. Thus a focused mind can always invite and improve healthy communications.

3. Clarity on the purpose of life

A concentrated mind can direct the energy with his conscious choice. Keeping awareness out of distractions is not a free mind. It’s an active warrior who resists unwanted impulses and acts by the subconscious mind to do something. Thus a concentrated mind will be in search of doing something productively which leads to fulfilling purpose.

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7 effective tips to improve concentration 

Struggling With Concentration? Here Is Why And How To Improve Concentration
1. Regular exercise  

It is said that a healthy body with proper blood flow can do any task. It increases blood circulation to the brain and improves willpower.

2. Meditation and scientific prayer

It can calm the mind. While practicing deep intake and release try to focus on the path of breath internally. Repeated enchantment of positive and peaceful prayer increases the ability to attract desired results in life.

3. Proper sleep

An average person should sleep 6 to 8 hours daily. During sleep, the body rests. Lack of sleep can lead to serious mental as well as physical issues. Staying away from electronic devices which can emit blue light before bed is able to get a fast sleep.

4. Daily to-do list

Having a previous idea of what all should do tomorrow define priority. Certain apps help to assign and organize the things to get done based on priority.

5. Avoid distraction 

Staying away from distractions is a Herculean task in this techie world. A single person with a single mobile phone is indeed enough for a pullback from completing any task. Keep oneself even from the sight of anything that felt destructive.

6. Do one thing at a time

Multitasking is a threat to concentration. Elon Musk may do one multitasking. But when people tend to do that it limits them from being an Elon Musk. Attending a phone call with driving is everyone on the road doing. But it can cause dangers even on the road itself. Similarly, every multi-tasking will decrease the willpower to concentrate.

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7. Water and healthy food

Just like the body, the brain also needs food which is normally called brain foods. Blueberries, pumpkin seeds,  broccoli, etc boost the performance of the brain. Drinking water keeps the entire body hydrated.


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