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Mystery and History

The Bermuda Triangle

Ships, planes, and people are said to have inexplicably vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, which is located in the western section of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Bermuda Triangle

Humans have been around on the planet earth for 6 million years and have made so many discoveries and have found answers to the mysteries of the earth. But there are some mysteries that humans and scientists can’t wrap their heads around. It might be because the earth is 4.543 billion years old, which is why the earth still creeps out of the blue and shocks humans in the most unexpected ways, and amongst such shocks given by earth about itself is the intriguing mystery around the Bermuda triangle. 

What is the Bermuda triangle? 

The Bermuda Triangle also known as the devil’s triangle, or the limbo of the cost is a section found in the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by points in Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico which is spread across 1.300,000 and 3,900,000 square kilometers. It is 60-200 meters deep.

This term was coined by Vincent H Gaddis in 1964. There have been many unexplainable disappearances of planes, ships. But when it is found, Bermuda leaves people with no traces and makes it look like it never even happened or existed. Many pilots and sea navigators have shared their tales of this mishappening about how everything just disappeared into the thin air. 

The History of the Mystery

Fifty-eight years ago on 5th December 1945 at 2:10 PM, five US navy planes, known as Flight 19 with 14 men took off from air station Florida for a 3-hour routine training mission. After the completion, Flight19 was scheduled to take them for an additional 67 miles and turn north for 73 miles and then were told to come back to the air station but it never showed up.

All this happened when Flight 19 was somewhere in the north of the Bahamas and east of the Florida coast. The leader of the squadron mentioned that the compass had failed and his position was unknown. In search and rescue, the marine aircraft with 13 men took off but even they disappeared. Later it was reported that there was an explosion seen at 7:50 PM. It is said that it is one of the largest sea and air searches to that date.

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Even the great sea traveler Christopher Columbus in the 15 century wrote in his journal that his compass went out of control when the ship came in the boundaries of Florida and Puerto Rico.  

Hundreds of ships and air crafts had been disappeared when they came within the interior of the Florida, Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. And these stories helped cement the Bermuda triangle. 

In 1975 Charles Berlitz was intrigued by these mysterious incidents that had happened and decided to write a book called “The Bermuda Triangle” which added to the mystery and myth of the area.  

3 Strangest and Unfortunate Incident in Bermuda Triangle

Marie Celeste

This is an incident that took place on December 5, 1872. 11 people took off and sailed from new york to carry cargo to the mentioned location. But the ship never made it to the destination. People who went to search and rescue found the ship adrift in the Bermuda triangle but only cargo, personal belongings, lifeboats were found on the ship. Even rotten food was found in the ship’s dining area but there was no trace left of those 11 people.

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Ellen Austin

In 1881 while sailing the crew member on the Austin ship found another ship on the way. But this ship had all the amenities except the people. So they decided to salvage the ship and Austin’s few crew members hopped into the abandoned ship and sailed towards new york. But after a while, the Austin ship lost track of the recused ship and when the ship reappeared, their crew member was not to be found in it. They then communicated that they had dispatched a few crew members again to the recused ship. But these two ships never made it to the destination.  


In December 1962 two gentlemen, Dan Burack and his friend Patrick Horgan set their journey from Miami on the 23-foot luxury yacht. But after reaching one mile the coast guide got a call from Dan Burack staging that the yacht has hit something and they need help. The coast guide after reaching the mentioned location couldn’t find anything in the deserted area. He even went a few miles ahead to search but nothing was to be found. What’s intriguing about this story is that this cruiser is unsinkable and had carried several lifesaving devices, signal devices, lifejackets, and lifeboats. But no trace of it was found. Just like that poof- it was gone. 

Myth vs Fact 

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There are so many movies and people who romanticize the mystery behind the Bermuda triangle and the disappearance that has been happening. And there are also rational facts that have been found by scientists around the Bermuda triangle. 

  1. Some sci-fic experts say that they have seen lights blinking in the sky which seemed like a secret signal. They say that the noise, words, and spooky chants were of the aliens, who were trying to communicate.
  2. Some say that the triangle is an Illuminati symbol and present their conspiracy behind the mystery of Bermuda.
  3. And some people think there are sea monsters or the place is cursed. 
  4. And two meteorologists have seen hexagon-shaped clouds in the satellite. Dr Andy Cerveny of Arizona state university told the science channel that-  These Hexagonal shapes in the clouds are in essence of “Air bombs” known as microbursts. They blast into the air and come down and hit the ocean. The Air bombs are said to pack up to 170 miles per hour which is enough to wrap the plane in the sky and bring it down and can knock over the ships. 

But they have also mentioned that these types of patterns of clouds are also found in the rest of the world.

Here are a few more theories to explain the Bermuda triangle. 

If you believe in the conspiracy theories or the reason given by the scientist, the choice is yours to label which one is a myth and a fact. Because we haven’t yet found the answers to the mysterious Bermuda triangle and the debate continues.

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