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The Blind-Sighted Korean Beholders

The Beauty standards are amongst such inventions built to destroy imperfections of the natural existing world and the people in it.

The Blind-Sighted Korean Beholders
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The beauty lies in embracing the changes that our mind and body go through. The blind-sighted Korean beholder has been lying to you about beauty. The Beauty standards are amongst such inventions built to destroy imperfections of the natural existing world and the people in it. There’s a much higher price to pay for looking young forever, which is losing that rare sight to see the beauty beyond the skin. 

Unhealthy Korean Beauty Standards

South Korea is the epitome of everything now. From the way they look to the way they talk, walk and eat is a popular trend. Korean lifestyle is on-demand and people are ready to leave everything behind to look and live like them. 

Korean beauty standards and its product has become worldwide famous. They have become successful in luring people into believing that their products and lifestyle can keep people young and happy forever. Over the last 4 years, they have been on the rise.

The Blind-Sighted Korean Beholders

Countries like India, china, japan, and Korea are obsessed with looking fair and thin. The women were already given a huge list to fit in and this sudden popularity of unhealthy k-dramas and k-pop popping out has fueled such mindset, even more, worsening people’s life.

The Dark Life of K-POP Artist 

1. Self Image

Behind those smiles and shiny life, lies a sad and tortured story. The other countries use photoshop to change the way someone looks but the Koreans have made it possible to photoshop their body in real life. The reason why Korean skin looks so perfect and flawless all the time is because they are forced and manipulated to remove even the slightest of marks on their body. So many k-pop artists and Korean celebrities have gone through plastic surgeries to look good. They are the puppets of the entertainment industry.

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The only before and after pictures that you need to see and get inspired of. 

I’m a barbie girl, in the barbie world. Life is plastic, it’s fantastic.

Our face and body are meant to be asymmetric because of bones and flesh. Human bodies are meant to expand, not fit into a particular shape that’s eye-pleasing to others.  

Reconstructive surgeries were done for babies who were born with cleft upper lips and the soldiers injured in warfare. And now there are plastic surgery/ cosmetic surgeries that are on everyone’s bucket list. Here are some Korean women supporting body positivity. 

A survey conducted in 2015 showed that one-third of South Korean women between the ages of 19-29 had gotten plastic surgery. 

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Cosmetic and plastic surgery consists- of Skin Whitening, Fat removal and body sculpting, Anti-ageing, rhinoplasty(nose job), and the most famous double eyelid surgery which was reported to be done by 1.43 million people in just 2014, the number kept on rising from then.

In many Korean dramas doing surgeries is shown in a very unhealthy way so here are some k-drama that is healthy for your heart and body.

The lead singer of a boy band- SHINee Jonghyun committed suicide in 2017 and his suicide notes shook the entire world where he exposed the harsh reality of the entertainment industries. From then there were many k-pop artists who started to speak about mental health. There were many more artists who reveal this harsh reality of the Korean entertainment industry. 

2. The trainee life and starvation

The idols are not just trained to sing, dance. They go through a strict order by their managers, where they are trained how to behave and speak with fans in public. They train for 12 to 18 hours a day. And spend almost 10 years of their life in this career where their debut is uncertain. After their debut, they are supposed to pay back the loan of training.

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Every k-pop artist has gone through this torturous training period so that they can make a living and inspire us with beautiful songs. They are kept on a strict diet, where they practice with an empty stomach. And some even faint while performing on the stage which is considered normal. 

3. No Dating

If a k-pop artist has signed the (slave contract) it means that they are now a property of the company, where they are gonna be used as a puppet. They are not allowed to date or marry and if they do, they would become the victim of defamation and would need to apologize to fans immediately for their actions. 

Mental Health over Surgery

People are allowed to do whatever they like on their bodies, there is no question about that. There are many K-pop celebs who have boldly admitted that they had surgery. But people being encouraged for changing their bodies to impress others can harm both parties. Mental health is on the rise already and such unhealthy beauty standards have added more to anxiety and panic attacks. It is true that people do surgeries to protect themselves from this harsh world but it gets added to their anxiety in the future. Surgeries cannot fix mental issues. Here is the famous rapper Jessi who opens about her journey with plastic surgery and how now she is against it and embraces her natural self. 

Let’s break this unhealthy chain of living so that we can give importance to things that really matter.

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Swati is into learning the art of all kinds. Her field of interest is painting, sketching, writing, poetry. She's is currently pursuing a degree in visual communication from Madras Christan college (2019-22) and alongside pursuing a diploma in fine Art's from the National Institute of Fine Art (2021-2022) As a kid with dyslexia, she figured her own way out of learning different concepts through art. And she has been writing and refining her knowledge & skills in English which has intrigued her into writing poetry, creative writing, and content writing. She's currently learning to expand her knowledge more in the writing field where she aims to get a deeper understanding of words and their meaning. In the future, she aims to pursue a career in Art therapy, Where she can help, connect and understand people.

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