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The Mandela Effect: Have You Experienced It Too?

Concluding the dreams to be delusional and hallucinating can seem pretty rational but what if the same was happening in the reality as well, will you still conclude it to be delusional and hallucinating?

The Mandela Effect: Have You Experienced It Too?
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The Mandela Effect – Just like how the Chinese whisper/ telephone game can get distorted, the real memories can turn into pseudo memories in our brain and alter the truth, natural event, or incident that had happened. Or possibly blend with dreams/imagination/ fantasy and play tricks on us. 

And what if all this is happening to a group of people, who believe an event took place, which didn’t in reality. So before yours/others’ trust in memories and senses turn to distrust, let’s understand Mandela’s effects and why it happens.  

What Is The Mandela Effect?
The Mandela Effect: Have You Experienced It Too?

Mandela effects are when a group of people believes that something that had happened, turns out to be false. Even if they remember the experience and incident precisely, it’ll turn out to be demonstrably inaccurate. It is the strangest phenomenon to happen in recent history. 

The term Mandela effect was coined by Fiona Broome (a paranormal consultant) after nelson Mandela. She termed this when she got to know that numerous other people just like her have shared and has admitted remembering Nelson Mandela dying in prison during the 1980s. But in reality, he had died at his home in 2013.

Now, it is described as the collection of false memories that have become real in the minds of many people.

“It said that there are not just two sides to a story but there are three sides to it- Yours, Others, and the Truth”.  

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Why Does It Happen?
The Mandela Effect: Have You Experienced It Too?

In medical terms, the Mandela effect is referred to as confabulation which is relatively common in everyday life. 

Some doctors believe that the Mandela effect is a form of confabulation. Which can also be described as “honest lying”. A person who is affected by memory disorder fills the gap in the memory with false memories and they are unaware that these fabricated memories are inaccurate and false.

And some researchers have found that a large group of people uses confabulation to “remember”. But these people have no intention of causing harm or deceiving others.   

Psychologists Say On It

Tim Hollins, a professor of experimental psychology at the University of Plymouth in the UK said that – “ The Mandela effects seems to be closely related to several well-known phenomena”. 

There are three similar types of memory-related phenomena- imagination inflation: it is a tendency to believe something is really the more often or it is imagined more vividly. 

False memory: memory that didn’t happen and source memory error: forgetting the true source of memory. Hollins also says that the “gist memory” phenomena align close to Mandela’s effects.

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It is when someone has a general idea of something but can’t remember the specifics. He said on live science that gist memories are adapted to fit people’s existing knowledge.

Several social elements prove how our memories can be fallible. And one of such is the “Asch conformity” where people conform to a view so that they can fit into society. Another is the misinformation effect where people’s memories get altered when new experiences and learnings take place. 

Frederic Barlette is a psychologist and in his bookremembering” he read the war of the ghost to the participants where he found out that the listeners omitted these unfamiliar details and transformed the information to make it more understandable. This process is known as effort after meaning which occurs in the real world too. 

Physicist Fred alan wolf gave a quantum explanation for the Mandela effects. He defines the difference between reality in our dreams. Wolf describes the reality in our waking hours as made up of probabilities and actualities manifest out of those probabilities.  

He says that the collective unconscious manifests in our dreams and reflects which is the Mandela effect which is so strong that it takes over reality. 

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Quantum immortality is the concept when the mind and consciousness will transfer themselves to alternative realities where you keep living. It relies on the concept of an infinite parallel universe. The Mandela effects that you ever experienced come from you not existing which we call the original reality.   

The Mandela Effect: Have You Experienced It Too?

Check out these Mandela effects that will blow your mind. 

Parallel Universe
The Mandela Effect: Have You Experienced It Too?

If you want science to take a back seat so that you can find a creative answer to Mandela’s effects you will like the parallel universe being the answer for it.  

In the astronomical theory of the multiverse, the theorists believe that other universes do exist besides the one we know.  According to this theory, the mandala effect is caused by the glitch between the universe and an alternative version of objects and events that exists in a specific universe. 

In these different universes, it is said that we have our version of life living our own life and our copies are making decisions and enjoying a different kind of reality. We, humans, enjoy such dreamy answers don’t we? These answers are perfect for the Mandela conspiracy theory. 

Many psychologists like Dr lincoln who is an American physicist oppose such theories. According to him, it is impossible that we could remember something specific that we have experienced in another universe because the memory is stored in the physical brain of our copy. 


The mandala effect can be explicable in terms of the multiverse with the work of quantum physics. But because this is not yet established or proved the psychological theories seem more plausible.  

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Some say it’s false memories and some say there is a parallel universe.

Our brain is the most precious part of our body but it indeed is very complex to understand and decipher. And sometimes not being able to completely understand what is happening with us or with the world adds up more beauty to it. Because having some mystery in the world and within us makes us want to live and understand life more and realize that sometimes life happenings need no explanation or have meaning to them.

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