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The Wait is Over: Avatar 2 Trailer Out Now!

The sequel to Avatar has been in the works for more than a decade. The film will be released later this year under the title Avatar: The Way of Water. On April 27, the first footage from the long-awaited sequel was shown at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. The movie’s trailer has now been released online.

The Wait is Over: Avatar 2 Trailer Out Now!

Avatar: The Way of Water trailer – After a decade of anticipation, the sequel to Avatar is finally here. The film, Avatar: The Way of Water, will be released later this year. On April 27th, the CinemaCon exposition in Las Vegas witnessed the first footage of the long-awaited sequel. The other three sequels will be released in theaters every two years, in 2024, 2026, and 2028.

Directed by James Cameron, Avatar is one of the highest-earning films of all time at the global box office, generating 2.84 billion dollars taking over the film Titanic as the greatest release ever with 2.2 billion dollars.

The Wait is Over: Avatar 2 Trailer Out Now!
Image credit: Avatar

The Way of Water teaser- trailer was previewed in 3D last week at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum during theater owners’ confab CinemaCon. During this presentation, producer Jon Landau announced his intention to republish the original Avatar on September 23rd in the cinema, with a restored image and sound.


One of the four Avatar sequels — the first, The Way of Water, is set to be released on December 16 — will revolve around the return of Jake Sully, portrayed by Sam Worthington, as well as Na’vi Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldaa, and their family, and the degree they will go to keep each other safe.

A few Big-name newcomers in the film include stars like  Vin Diesel and Kate Winslet from Cameron’s Titanic, The Cameron’s Titanic director of photography, Russell Carpenter, is also one of the team. visual effects for Avatar have returned to Weta FX in New Zealand, controlled by a senior VFX supervisor and four-time Oscar winner Joe Letteri.


As the trailer begins, the images depict the breathtakingly spectacular blue landscapes of Pandora, which is an earthlike habitat that served as the backdrop of the original film We also see the return of The Na’vi once again, followed by Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Zoe Saldana’s Neytiri. But this time seems like they have a few younger versions of themselves with them.

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Fourteen years later after the events of the previous film, when the human explorer chose to remain forever confined in the body of a blue alien. Jake and Neytiri are happily married with a son. 

However, peace within Pandora will not endure because humans have returned to torment the planet, causing a new struggle between the invading race and Pandora’s indigenous inhabitants.

The trailer also highlights how the sequel is about a new generation of Jake and Neytiri’s son serving as the protagonist of a new adventure.

Reportedly, 20th Century Fox and Disney plan to launch The Way of Water in several different formats to handle a variety of theater installations, including 3D, 4K, and a high frame rate of 48 frames per second.

Moreover, The sequels could not bear to be any less spectacular, which is a challenge to pull off given the length of time CGI blockbusters have dominated the market. The Way of Water video promises to take us to new and exotic corners of Pandora while also delivering a stunning peek at the mysteries buried under the alien earth’s natural waves.

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We cannot wait for the film to release and witness the magical experience in the theaters along with the rest of the world.

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Sweta Choudhury is an Entertainment News Analyst and Content Writer at Empire Weekly. She is a journalism and mass communication student at Amity University, Noida.

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