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The Weeknd is Spotify’s newest global star

The Canadian musician is no stranger to fame and acclaim. He’s the latest global celebrity to dominate the Swedish streaming service. And he’s here to take over the charts.

The Weeknd Is Spotify's Newest Global Star
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The Weeknd has officially won the hearts of not only Canadians but also the globe. He’s now the only artist who recently surpassed Justin Bieber’s record for ‘most monthly Spotify listeners!

The Canadian musician is not new to fame and recognition. He’s the latest global superstar to be smashing it at the Swedish streaming platform. And he’s here to rule the charts.

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter is growing too fast in success.

Clearly, Spotify’s 172 million-plus premium subscribers love him! Because of the success of “DAWN FM”, his latest album, he achieved fame in no time.

What about Spotify’s old flame Justin Bieber?!

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Justin Bieber, more known for his PDA’s with Hailey now, will have to come up with something bigger than “DAWN FM”. That’s because The Weeknd invited Spotify’s most monthly listeners’ (streamed artist).

A record-breaking artist and musician.

“Dawn FM” attracted more than 85.6 million monthly listeners on the world’s largest music streaming service provider. The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye, made it finally to the top with this one album!

The Weeknd Is Spotify's Newest Global Star

Did you know? The album previously lost the Number One spot.

Yup! The global star’s magical album missed out on the top spot on the Billboard 200 album chart by just 2,300 copies. That never demotivated the most-sought after artist globally now.

The numbers say it all!

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Abel Tesfaye lost out on 2300 copies – but now has more than 85,667,564 monthly listeners on Spotify. That’s a world record itself!

If you haven’t heard, “DAWN FM’” is a fabulous collaboration.

It features global artists like Tyler, the Creator, and Lil Wayne. All artists have given guest vocals for The Weeknd’s album. We also see famous comedian and neighbor Jim Carrey turn DJ for the radio station.

Despite all this good news, Justin Bieber still holds a special title. The Canadian is still ‘the first artist ever to cross the 90 million monthly listeners’ mark on Spotify.

Not everyone is a fan of The Weeknd’s music though.

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His fellow contemporary, Justin Bieber, has more fan following in Asia and Mexico. The “Dawn FM” artist’s crowd-pulling is massively in and around North America.

The After Hours singer’s followers on Instagram are actually the ones who follow ‘Justin Bieber’. This means that both Canadians have a similar Instagram audience!

Shout out to Republic Records, The Weeknd’s official label. Not every day does someone replace Justin Bieber’s glorious throne.

Let’s also applaud The Weeknd’s other smashing album

Apart from the successful “Dawn FM” album, the”Blinding Lights” did much good for him as well. The most followed artist’s production “Blinding Lights” spent in the US alone 43 weeks in the top five, 57 weeks in the top 10, and 86 weeks in the top 40.

As we are raising a toast to his achievement, the singer is co-writing a script for an HBO series! The Idol, as it may be called, is an inspiring story of a female pop singer romancing a LA club’s secret cult owner. Do you think the singer will be that lucky actor in the series? We will have to wait for confirmation.

The Weeknd who is well known around the globe for his songs isn’t new to the film industry. He’s been a voice-over artist since 2019 and that too for some famous films!

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As for Spotify, it has more than 381 million active subscribers monthly currently and we can see how those numbers will only keep growing. Canada, you got some real talent there!

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