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Top Gun Maverick Movie Review: Tom Cruise Grips the Aerial Combat

Tom Cruise performs with brilliancy in the aviation fight sequence movie with his charm and classic action scenes.

Top Gun Maverick Movie Review: Tom Cruise Grips the Aerial Combat

Top Gun Maverick, is a story of Navy pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell who served in the Navy for almost 30 years. Now, he is back on a special mission that demands him as a test pilot training a bunch of graduated students for the same mission. He must make this mission happen or it would cost him a sacrifice of life. 

Tom Cruise has always stood firm when it comes to delivering action pieces. In this movie as well, Tom comes with a lot of rush and adventure with bomber jackets in clear skylines. His charm and grin add the element of fun to this film. 

Tom Cruise plays the role of Pete Maverick Mitchell, who is a Navy pilot in service for quite a long time. He attended the Top Gun Academy where he got rigorous training for a dangerous mission earlier on. Pete, for his work, had been offered the superior positions in the Navy as the “Captain” which he stalled for as long as possible. Jumping forward to the present, Pete meets his fate again when he is demanded back for the training of some graduates in that same training center. 

Top Gun Maverick Movie Review: Tom Cruise Grips the Aerial Combat
#TopGunMaverick opened with a HUGE 99% in Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Back in the past, when Pete was in the Navy, he had a best friend nicknamed “Goose”. However, that friendship saw its time when on a mission, Goose sacrificed his own life to save his best friend aka Pete. Maverick since then found it tough to forgive himself for that. But that’s where the twist comes when Pete meets the son of Goose, Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw. Rooster holds a lot of grudge against Pete, however, Pete decides to handle the situation in a calm manner, and seeing Rooster’s potential, Maverick takes his emotional side out.

According to the sources and fans’ judgments, it is said that the first film of Top Gun lacked some quality production and an engaging plot. However, the second part of Top Gun Maverick is filling those shoes with a captivating storyline, real-time-bound action, and quite dangerous scenes. The narrative is much more interesting with the question of life and death in this film.

The director Joseph Kosinski made sure to add tons of tension and thrill to the film Top Gun Maverick. Not only the action aspect but there’s also an equally balanced side of emotions that are portrayed well in the film. It is safe to say that Tom Cruise is the only actor that suits this genre of aviation action in a commendable way. He brings eye-catching shots with his risky adventures and a grin on his face that suits the criteria of the movie.

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The movie Top Gun Maverick has released in India on 27th May 2022, which is today, and it is for sure on the list of must-watch movies.

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