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What Is Discord & How Can You Use It for Marketing?

Brands can develop personalized experiences with real-time pings on Discord, which is a significant improvement over Facebook or LinkedIn

What Is Discord & How Can You Use It for Marketing?
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What is Discord?

Discord is designed to allow users to communicate with one another. You may think of it as a less formal version of Slack if you’ve used it previously. Text channels (where you may type to communicate with other individuals) and voice channels abound on servers (where you can voice-chat with others). You may also exchange films, photographs, links to the internet, music, and other media. Typically, each server has numerous channels, each of which is dedicated to a distinct topic or has its own set of regulations. For example, you may have a channel for discussing a game, another for general chit-chat, and still another for cat images.

The options are limitless. Thousands of Discord servers exist, each dedicated to a certain topic. There’s a strong possibility you’ll be able to discover a Discord server for whatever it is you’re interested in.

Who Uses Discord?

“As of February 2022, Discord says it has:

  • 150 million monthly active users
  • 19 million active servers per week
  • 4 billion server conversation minutes daily”

Discord for marketing

What Is Discord & How Can You Use It for Marketing?

The community-oriented attitude of Discord is the key to realizing its full potential. Your community may provide real-time product feedback, provide insights on optimum messaging, and assist develop new brand evangelists through broadcasts, events, crowd-sourced content, and other collaboration possibilities.

While Discord has a plethora of marketing applications, here are some of the simplest ways to reach your target audience with no infrastructure:

  • Focus group
  • Direct connect with the audience
Focus group

Discord’s channels, threads, and roles make it easy to manage effective customer marketing in a branded center, whether you’re introducing a new product or keeping an eye on how your customers/prospects feel about your service. Discord, unlike Facebook groups, LinkedIn communities, or Slack/Skype, offers a great deal of flexibility and structure while staying inside a branded environment. Brands may utilize Discord to identify highly engaged prospects/customers and tag them for VIP events like product feedback, discounts, and more. The reduction in email marketing reporting, as well as the unpredictability in social network tagging, are two major reasons why organizations may wish to switch to this.

Brands can develop personalized experiences with real-time pings on Discord, which is a significant improvement over Facebook or LinkedIn. And you can do it without the reporting headaches that come with relying on open rates.

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Direct connect with audience

The event function in Discord is a gold mine for live streaming events. Discord outperforms many webinar systems because of its pop-out screen-share, user audio options, and ability to draw people into a new server or change channels on the fly. While the resolution won’t be flawless till the server is upgraded to level three (or you’re a full Nitro user), the moderator has significantly more control than virtual event technology. Attendees can be assigned responsibilities that correspond to their passes, and channels can be used as sponsor centers and networking places. Livestreams may be included in events or regular messaging.

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