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What Is LinkedIn and Why Should You Be on It?

People connect with other people on Linkedin and it helps in increasing their networks to get better opportunities.

What Is LinkedIn and Why Should You Be on It?
Photo credit: Ujwal Sharma

In a recent Economic Times article it is said that since the Covid-19 pandemic, LinkedIn has seen ‘record’ levels of its engagement all over the globe and most in India especially. The Linkedin app use in the past four years in India has gone up four times more than the global average.

Before talking about Linkedin’s facts more let us know, what Linkedin is?

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world that is used on the internet. People use LinkedIn to find the right job or internships they are looking for. One can learn skills that are required to get success in their career. One can access Linkedin from a desktop, mobile app, mobile web experience, or the Linkedin Lite Android mobile app.

People connect with other people on Linkedin and it helps in increasing their networks to get better opportunities. A Linkedin profile can help a person to connect with opportunities if the person showcases a unique professional story through experience, skills, education, or corporate knowledge.

People use Linkedin to organize offline events, join groups, write articles, post photos or videos, and many more.

Who should join Linkedin and why?

Linkedin is a platform for anyone who look to grab new opportunities to advance their career. This can include any profession-based people like small traders, shop owners, students, job seekers, or anyone looking for jobs or internships in businesses. Linkedin provides a platform where people can look at each other’s profiles and can connect in business or other work opportunities. Corporate people also look for Linkedin profiles of their employees or new employees they are seeking to hire, even when companies go to hire students in their placements, they ask for students’ Linkedin profiles, so one should always be ready with their Linkedin profiles.

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How to get started on Linkedin?

To start on this professional platform that connects professionals and people with each other, here how you can start on Linkedin:

  • Create a profile- One can install the Linkedin app on the play store and create a new profile. A Linkedin profile summarizes professional experience to connections, employers, and recruiters. One can showcase their achievements, experience, professional skills, interests on LinkedIn.
  • Build Networks- After creating a Linkedin Profile one should build a network of professional people, new connections. This increases the chances of grabbing better opportunities. One can connect or follow others on Linkedin. You can react to others’ posts with Linkedin reactions.
What Is LinkedIn and Why Should You Be on It?
Growing Linkedin use in India

After the US, Linkedin has announced the India leg of its global ‘creator accelerator program’, which is a 10-week incubator style initiative that supports 200 creators to grow their communities on the platform. Linkedin citing itself as a productive platform with productive conversations, said that they will lift 200 creators in India from this launch of the creator accelerator program and will help them to be successful in life.

For LinkedIn, India is a core market from a growth member perspective. Radhika Gupta, a popular Linkedin creator says they have added 20 million members in the past three years, and India is the second-largest market for Linkedin after the US in terms of members count. As per her, Linkedin saw 5 times revenue growth over the last 5 years. Currently, there are 1300 employees in India of Linkedin and they will keep investing to drive innovation with talent pool through its Bengaluru R&D center.

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