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11 Best AI Image Enhancer & Upscaler Tools (March 2024)

11 Best AI Image Enhancer & Upscaler Tools (February 2024)

In a world flooded with digital photos, the demand for high-quality images is ever-growing. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast or a professional in a visual-centric field, the importance of top-notch visuals cannot be overstated. Luckily, artificial intelligence (AI) has paved the way for remarkable image enhancement and upscaling tools. Here, we’ll explore the 11 best AI image enhancer and upscaler tools as of February 2024.

1. HitPaw Photo Enhancer

HitPaw stands out as the top AI image enhancer, specializing in making pictures less blurry and enlarging images without compromising quality. Its Pro-level features include fixing blurred photos, rejuvenating old photos, and enhancing faces flawlessly.

Key Features:

  • Available for Windows and Mac
  • One-click image enhancement
  • Blurry photo correction and noise removal
  • Enlargement without quality loss

2. AVC Labs

AVC Labs Photo Enhancer AI utilizes deep learning to upscale image resolution by 400%, ensuring improved details and defect removal. The AI Face Refinement model enhances portraits effortlessly, offering high-quality, stunning results with just one click.

Key Features:

  • Super-resolution upscaling
  • Noise removal and sharpening
  • AI Face Retouching for portraits
  • Colorization of black-and-white photos

3. Icons8

Icons8, driven by intelligent AI algorithms, provides free online image upscaling up to 4x without quality loss. The platform excels at automatically correcting imperfections during the upscaling process.

Key Features:

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  • Free upscaling
  • Upscaling up to 4x in size
  • Automatic imperfection correction
  • History tracking for enlarged photos

4. Deep Image AI

Compatible with both Windows and Mac, Deep Image AI simplifies online image upscaling with a limit of 5000 x 5000 pixels. Its advanced AI algorithms ensure natural-looking results for clear and detailed photos.

Key Features:

  • API support for developers
  • Bulk editing mode
  • AI-generated predictions
  • Limit of 25 megapixels for upscaled images

5. VanceAI Image Upscaler

VanceAI offers an 8x AI image upscaler, perfect for enhancing low-resolution photos without sacrificing quality. The tool includes a dedicated AI anime upscaler and prioritizes security by deleting processed images within 24 hours.

Key Features:

  • Up to 8x image upscaling
  • Noise suppression and blur removal
  • Specific algorithms for anime photos
  • Automatic compression and resizing for large images

6. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance, an online AI photo upscaler, achieves 4K upscaling without compromising quality. The tool enhances colors, recovers lost textures, removes compression, and excels in reducing noise and other artifacts.

Key Features:

  • 4K upscaling without quality loss
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Reduction of noise and artifacts
  • Professional and detailed photo results

7. Image Upscaler by BasedLabs

This AI image upscaler enhances lower resolution photos, making them sharper and larger. It features an interactive scaling slider and face-swapping functionalities, catering to both novice and experienced users.

Key Features:

  • Instant image upscaling
  • Intuitive scaling slider
  • Up to 4x quality improvement
  • Aimed at both personal and professional use

8. Waifu2x

Geared towards anime images, Waifu2x uses neural networks to upscale images with impressive results. It removes noise during upscaling and allows direct URL input for a seamless process.

Key Features:

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  • Free and easy-to-use
  • Focus on anime images
  • Versatile for any image type
  • Upscaling directly from a URL

9. Upscale

Upscale is an AI image tool that maintains image quality while upscaling resolution up to 4x. It excels in adding details to images and stands out for its ability to remove JPEG artifacts, ensuring smooth edges.

Key Features:

  • Up to 4x image upscaling
  • Professional image appearance
  • Preservation of natural image details
  • JPEG artifact removal

10. Cre8tiveAI

With Cre8tiveAI, upscale images by 16x in seconds using deep learning technology. This tool is ideal for preparing small images for printing, guaranteeing high-quality results.

Key Features:

  • 16x image upscaling
  • Deep learning technology
  • Quick and easy-to-use
  • Suitable for small image enhancement

11. BigJPG

Designed for anime images, BigJPG processes and upscales illustrations, enhancing colors, details, and edges. It maintains quality with a 3000 x 3000 pixels limit for upscaling.

Key Features:

  • Focused on anime images
  • 4K upscaling
  • Enhancement of colors, details, edges, etc.
  • 3000 x 3000 pixels limit


In the realm of AI image enhancers and upscalers, these tools offer a spectrum of features catering to diverse needs. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an anime enthusiast, these AI-powered tools provide the means to elevate your visual content. Embrace the future of image enhancement with these top-notch AI tools.

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11 Best AI Image Enhancer & Upscaler Tools (February 2024) 11 Best AI Image Enhancer & Upscaler Tools (February 2024)

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In a world flooded with digital photos, the demand for high-quality images is ever-growing. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast or a professional in...

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