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Apple iPhone 15 to be Proudly Made in India: Moment in the Tech Spotlight

Get ready for a tech shift! Apple iPhone 15 goes ‘Made in India,’ signaling a new era of innovation and global production prowess. #TechRevolution

Apple iPhone 15 to be Proudly Made in India Moment in the Tech Spotlight
Image Credit: TechStory

Apple iPhone 15 will be produced in India shortly. Feeling excited, right? Yes, it is true.

As per the latest official updates, the iPhone 15 will start being produced locally at Foxconn’s Sriperumbudur facility, which is close to Tamil Nadu, India. This is because the company is making progress in its endeavor to broaden its production operations from China.

According to Bloomberg, which cited anonymous sources, Foxconn’s Sriperumbudur plant is getting ready to sell the new phones weeks after they start shipping from facilities in China.

As the relationship between the United States and China continues to deteriorate, Apple has been working to diversify its supply chain. Following a visit with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC that India offered a “huge opportunity.”

To reduce the time between debut and availability and boost its exports from India to other countries, Apple plans to offer locally produced iPhone 15 as soon as it is released globally in the middle of next month.

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In September of last year, Apple started building the iPhone 14 at the Foxconn plant in India, the first time in years that a new iPhone was produced there just a few weeks after its international release. Weeks after a similar procedure in China started, the assembly in India got underway.

The administration of Vice President Joe Biden has taken numerous steps to limit the flow of essential technologies and U.S. investment into China in the face of widespread, bipartisan scepticism of China’s regime. The sale of some American semiconductors is also subject to Chinese restrictions.

According to an earlier Bloomberg story, Apple has more recently increased iPhone manufacture in India, assembling more than $7 billion worth there in the most recent fiscal year. According to sources cited by the publication in April, Apple manufactures approximately 7% of its iPhones in India. According to Bloomberg, before that, India’s iPhone assembly was behind China’s by six to nine months, but that difference has dramatically narrowed.

At its yearly presentation in September, Apple typically unveils its new line of iPhones. The update for this year is anticipated to offer significant camera improvements and a faster processor in the Pro variants.

According to the source, Pegatron and a Wistron factory that the Tata Group is purchasing will also soon start building the iPhone 15 in India.

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Are There Any Challenges for the Production of iPhone 15?

Media reports claim that the availability of parts is one of the difficulties in assembling the iPhone 15 in India. Given that Shenzhen and its surrounding areas are home to many suppliers and subcontractors in China, Apple can more easily buy everything because logistics are less complicated. India, on the other hand, requires the importation of practically all parts.

iPhone 15 Presence in the Indian Market

According to the IDC, Apple, which had the highest average selling price (ASP) of USD 929, saw a tremendous 61 percent year-over-year gain in India between April and June.

As the creator of the iPhone continues to dominate the ultra-premium segment (Rs 45,000 and above), India is now one of Apple’s top 5 markets worldwide. The India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) forecasts that Apple’s market share will surpass 50% in FY24.

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