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2022 food trends set to soar your hunger

It’s time to make a change after two years of indulging and coffee addiction. The organic food sector and healthy food practises will make a comeback in 2022 food trends.

2022 Food Trends Set To Soar Your Hunger
Photo by Brooke Lark

It’s believed that 2022 food trends include rather not-so-common names. You will need to grow a big appetite for dishes such as Levantine, CBD, and Japanese Yuzu. Michelin-star restaurants and chefs are not going to have an easy year this year. The shift has changed menus across big food chains and the food industry will be dominated by personalized nutrition and ‘healthy’ snacking (yes, it exists).

After two years of indulging and caffeine addiction, it’s time to make a change. 2022 food trends will see the return of the organic food industry and healthy food practices.

Photo by Cattalin

1. ‘Homegrown’ produce isn’t going anywhere

Consumers are conscious of their health after learning about the effects of weak immune systems. They want to strengthen their immune systems as soon as possible. As a result of this shift, ‘homegrown’ foods are making a big impact.

Local, organic produce is now the first choice. In the wake of the pandemic, local suppliers are offering clean, authentic food to consumers.

2. Return of the ‘catering’ businesses

People are back to socializing, which means more weddings, events, and special occasions will need catering. It’s for this reason that this business is booming in 2022. Personalized, fresh, out-of-the-box, and delivered, catering meets all the needs of consumers looking for new options.

With their flexibility and wide range of options, catering brands are popular with corporate businesses and large family gatherings.

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3. More focus on ‘sustainable food’ practices

Consumers are also aware of other choices, like fast fashion. A growing trend is towards sustainable food products. Not only will it help the organic farming industry and aquaculture, but it will also benefit health.

Healthy eaters prefer natural flavors to enhance their food, not artificial preservatives. Since people are increasingly looking for nutritional information in everything they consume, this industry will shape our future health.

4. Be ready for ‘larger breakfast’ mornings

The morning is a good time to eat if you have a big appetite. Because the grocery habits of consumers will increase in 2022, food trends will also change. Due to the scrapping of ‘Work From Home’ orders, commuters are back to their morning rush and quick snacking.

Breakfast items like eggs, coffee, pastries, croissants, etc. are essential for those commuting in the morning. These trends have already led to an increase in sales across coffee chains, supermarkets, pastry shops, and bakeries.

5. Let’s give it up for ‘Potato milk’

Don’t you hear about it from your vegan friends? Potato milk will surely be one of a kind in 2022 food trends. As a dig at semi-skimmed milk, Potato milk also comes in unusual flavors. By the way, the innovative plant-based food industry is already complimenting its creamy taste. Potato milk is slowly but steadily replacing Oat or Soya milk.

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WARNING – Indulgence will keep growing! In order to live a healthy and balanced life this year, you will need to make better choices. While you’re at it, remember to take good care of your body and mind. 

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