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5 Must Watch C-dramas After Hidden Love

Beyond Hidden Love with huge global response, explore the other hidden C-drama gems. From rom-coms to heartwarming tales of introspection, fasten your seat belts for a adorable roller coaster.

5 Must Watch C-dramas After Hidden Love

Asian dramas are undoubtedly ruling the hearts, from romantic Korean dramas to binge-watching Squid Game on Netflix. Due to streaming platforms wrapped in diverse forms of entertainment and pouring into people’s interest, there has never been a scarcity of content.

Chinese dramas are surfacing as the upcoming huge trend in the international entertainment market, mixing comedy, romance, and cultural themes.

But, in the genre of Chinese television shows, Hidden Love has been at the core of the hearts of international audiences. This drama is based on a Chinese web novel and is most recommended binge-watchable.

It topped a spot in the trending ten on Netflix India and robbed the love from drama enthusiasts.

Having actors Zhao Lusi and Che Zheyuan, Hidden Love portrays the story of a girl love-struck at first sight with her brother’s friend, in spite of him being older than her. When she graduates from high school and steps into the same university as her crush, she indulges in great chances to befriend him as they are on the same side of the coin.

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For those who are just stuck at the storyline of this series, you cannot resist the next Chinese drama that fulfills your watchlist. 

1. Love O2O

Love O2O
Image Source: Viki

Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang are the main characters in the recently banned Love O2O. Zheng is a computer science student who loves to play online RPGs in her spare time. As her online hubby breaks his ties with her, she wants to restart her love journey with a new one. But, she found out that her online other half was a famous student on campus; she did not know what she invited next.

The two keep crashing each other online, but they explore their soul identities in person, and sparkles glow when they meet. However, the drama in the online and real worlds they work and cure the rough patches in their bond.

2. When I Fly Towards You

It sheds light on the story of Su Zai Zai, a jolly girl who just got transported to Yucai Middle School. Little did she know that the guy- Zhang Lu Rang, for her heart pounded so hard, would destiny make her meet him at school again.

Zhang Lu Rang looked extra special with his accomplishments and exclusive family background. He carries an opposite personality who is confident on the outer shell but full of self-doubt on the inner side.

It was because of his mastermind younger brother, Zhang Lu Li, that his mother always compared Zhang Lu Rang to him. So, Zhang Lu Rang’s life was in the shadows, which left him quiet. 

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Who knew that Zhang Lu Rang’s life turned the tables when he met the joyful Su Zai Zai? She made Zhang Lu Rang understand how he stood out from the crowd. Then, together, they pave the journey towards their dreams with romance blooms.

This is a memorable Chinese high school drama parallel to Hidden Love on Netflix. It rolled out in 2023 with 24 episodes. This TV show stars Zhang Miao Yi and Zhou Yiran.

3. Go Go Squid

Go Go Squid
Image Source: Viki

The drama making its mark in the e-sports realm is Go Go Squid! 

Student Tong Nian has programming gifted talent with a dazzling career lying in front of her. When she encounters Han Shang Yan, a professional gamer, it’s a complete flip over her life.

It’s love at first sight for Tong Nian, and she is on a steady march to not give up. However, Shang Yan makes a hard nut to crack for her due to his sharp focus on winning a championship. At last, her efforts pave off as the two strengthen their bond, which makes this drama quite entertaining.

4. Love Scenery

Love Scenery
Image Source: WeTV

The plot highlights the story of Liang Chen, a girl willing to bring marvelous musical works to her listeners, articulating realness, goodness, and perfection ideas.

On the other hand, Lu Jing is a man who admires big data research and computers. He is prominent in academia for studying psychology and human behavior and is a motivation for his classmates.

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Firstly, they were just strangers, but data tied them together, and they got closer while fulfilling their goals and falling in love.

It was out in 2021 with 31 episodes. This TV show stars Xu Lu and Lin Yi. 

5. Love The Way You Are

Love the way you are
Image Source: Viki

Love the Way You Are is a cheery, comedic take on what it denotes to love others as we move towards middle age. Its lead character is Yin Yi Ke, who is right now 32 and has lived a smooth life as butter. 

But, it is because she gave her day and night to make this wonder magic happen. When she reunites with her childhood pal and step-sibling, it goes down memory lane, memories and feelings between the two. Together, they are on a mission to nurture their bond. 

Whether you are a diehard fan of emotional tales or rom-coms, these shows will fix your broken heart and keep you stuck to the screen. You can watch all these dramas on Rakuten Viki, Netflix, Dailymotion, or YouTube to make your binge-watch journey happen.

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