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5 Wholesome K-dramas That Will Instantly Lift Your Mood

K-dramas are a darling nowadays. This is because they offer a wide range of genres. When you can’t decide what to watch, consider these.

5 Wholesome K-dramas That Will Instantly Lift Your Mood

K-dramas are a darling nowadays. This is because they offer a wide range of genres. We love them for setting our standards sky-high and giving us the second lead syndrome. But K-dramas are loved the most for their relatability.

The way we can relate with almost every character at some point gets us in. Now, many of us are not a fan of heart-fluttering romances. K-dramas are still the answer. So many K-dramas pack mystery, emotions, and humor all in one. When you cannot decide which genre to pick up, just remember these five K-dramas. They are wholesome and will tick all your boxes of expectations.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

A city girl and dentist, Yoon Hye Jin, decides to practice in a seaside village. There she runs into Hong Do Shik who is the village handyman. The rest of the drama is about how he helps her adapt to the village life and mingle with the locals.

If you like the countryside, friendly locals, and mixed emotions topped with romance, watch it. This drama promises a fulfilling ride. Do add it to your watchlist for when you feel down.

The Good Bad Mother

This is yet another drama with a local setting. The story is about Kang Ho, a cold-hearted prosecutor who thinks his mother is ‘bad’ because of her strict parenting. One day he enters into an accident that takes his memory to a child’s level. He is joined by his mother and childhood lover on his road to recovery.

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You will need a box of tissues from time to time for this one. But, it is hilarious and heartwarming for most of the part.

Welcome to Waikiki

You are in for ‘laugh-till-your-stomach-hurts’. This is one of the funniest K-dramas. Three friends, Dong Goo, Joon Ki, and Doo Shik, aspire to make a film. To get the funds they open a guest house named Waikiki. What follows is a sheer comic adventure as they are joined by three other girls.

The drama is a no-brainer. If you want a good laugh, go for it. There is no doubt it will tickle all your funny bones in the best way.

Hospital Playlist

Very few K-dramas can be as wholesome as this one. It follows five friends. They have been together since their college days and now practice in the same hospital. There they have a band together.

You will see their individual stories as well as their camaraderie as friends. And their hilarious banter will bring you funny, emotional, and some endearing moments.

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Reply 1988

This is a gem in the land of K-dramas. The drama takes you back to the 1980s through the lives of five childhood friends. The story is set in the Ssangmundong neighborhood where they all live. You will go through their everyday lives as they grow up in the 80s.

This is one of those K-dramas that just don’t disappoint. It is undoubtedly wholesome as it has humor, a bunch of nostalgia, family-like neighbors, and first loves.

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Anooshka is a tech graduate turned happy content writer who likes to write about lifestyle and Asian culture related content. If not writing, she is likely to be reading a book or watching Netflix.

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