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6 Car Door Styles for Every Driver’s Dreamcar

Cars were never meant to be dull, so why should their doors be? Here are six automobile door types that genuinely stand out.

6 Car Door Styles For Every Driver's Dreamcar
Photo by Campbell

Different car door styles are not only rare to find but even more difficult to imagine. If you are like me, one of the places where we always stop and stare (apart from window shopping) is the fancy car showrooms to admire their genius products.

But we rarely ever come across car door styles that actually take our breath away.

The good news is that the styles are distinctive but we can share them with you! After you got hooked on the Bond movies, this is the next thing you’ll appreciate about what a car can really have – if you have loads of money!

So what makes car door styles unique?

These styles are customized not just for the car design but are also engineered with science. The USP is a mixture of Physics with seamless beauty.

Let’s have a look at such 6 rare care door styles:

1. Canopy doors
6 Car Door Styles For Every Driver's Dreamcar
Image credit:

These aren’t normal doors that you have seen before – only because they don’t open sideways!

The doors don’t open any other way. So if you want a roof over your head, you’ll have to think twice! It’s one of the rarest marvels ever seen in the automobile industry. Lamborghini Egoista, good job!

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2. Scissor Doors
6 Car Door Styles For Every Driver's Dreamcar
Image credit:

If you are a 1970s kid, then you will certainly be familiar with Scissor doors.

The first rare car door style started with the Countach. Just like a pair of scissors, the doors open like a bird’s wings – high and looking otherworldly. When you think of a Lamborghini, you’ll surely notice them.

3. Dihedral Synchro-Helix Doors
6 Car Door Styles For Every Driver's Dreamcar
Image via:

The Dihedral Synchro-Helix doors come from their Swedish award-winning producers.

The makers are proud of their unique car styles worldwide. These doors are indeed very peculiar. The unique mechanism further allows them to turn into a 90-degree instead of pulling outwards.

4. Swan Doors
6 Car Door Styles For Every Driver's Dreamcar
Image via:

You’ll find the Swan doors resemble closest to the conventional doors – only they are much wider.

The cars which feature them also aren’t normal either. We’re talking about presidential sedans and the likes of Aston Martin here. The Swan doors, in terms of design, are arguably the sleekest in my opinion.

5. Suicide Doors
6 Car Door Styles For Every Driver's Dreamcar
Image credit:

The Suicide doors do have a scary angle to them.

Just like the term itself, the doors are named ‘Suicide’ doors because if the doors open, you can’t close them again. Furthermore, if you want to experience it, you’ll have to buy a Rolls Royce Phantom probably! The hinged design is some genius’s creation.

6. Butterfly Doors
6 Car Door Styles For Every Driver's Dreamcar
BMW i8 Coupé and its “butterfly’ doors (Photo: BMW Malaysia)

Have the Butterfly doors anything to do with the Butterfly, you ask? Obviously not! They aren’t the same as Suicide ones. The doors don’t move in one, but in two directions – upward and outward. The peculiarity of the design makes it a favorite among supercar lovers.

No wonder we can’t get enough of the exquisite Lamborghinis, McLarens, Ferraris, Rolls Royce, and many more.

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