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75 Hard Challenges: A Transformative Fitness Program

Discover the transformative physical challenge. Look at how 75 Hard can give you mental toughness with a healthy lifestyle. Get healthy body and mind.

75 Hard

Have you come across #75Hard on social media? The 75 Hard Workout is a popular transformative fitness program. In the world of fitness, the trend goes viral.

Social media platforms gain millions of views on 75 Hard. It is easy to say the trend splashes on the internet with billions of users, but what exactly is this viral program?

A comprehensive daily task involves consistent efforts for 75 days for physical and mental well-being.

What is the 75 Hard Challenge?

A renowned entrepreneur and CEO of a supplement company, Andy Frishella, designed the 75 Hard Challenge for mental toughness in 2019.

Andy was inspired to design this program after interviewing James Lawrance, who completed 50 Ironman races in 50 consecutive days.

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Frishella said in a podcast that he has spent more than 20 years figuring out mental toughness. He has put all his learning into designing the 75 Hard.

The Rules of the 75 Hard Challenge

The program involves a 75 Hard challenge with five critical practices. One must stick to it for 75 days. Whether you missed a day or not, you must start over from day one.

  1. Follow any nutritional diet plan you wish, but no alcohol or cheat meals are allowed.
  2. Add two separate 45-minute workouts each day. One of which needs to be performed outside, whatever the weather conditions.
  3. Drink a gallon of water till the night.
  4. Read 10 pages of any book. Andy suggested reading nonfiction books.
  5. Take a progress selfie on your mobile phone.

There are no days off in this 75 Hard challenge. Participants must complete all five tasks every day for the entire duration.

Benefits of 75 Hard

  1. The challenge is to establish healthy habits in your daily routine, such as regular exercise, staying hydrated, and a balanced and nutritional diet.
  2. With two daily workout sessions, one can improve physical fitness over a desired period of time.
  3. When you complete this program successfully, you can boost your confidence.
  4. By sticking to that particular routine, participants learn commitment and self-discipline.

Review of 75 Hard by experts

Actor and athlete Shweta Mehta, who completed 75 Hard in June 2023, says it’s not a physical challenge; it’s more about mental toughness. 

Experts agree that an alcohol-free lifestyle with a balanced diet can be an excellent combination for healthy living. A certified strength and conditioning specialist, Jake Boly, recommended this program and said it is the perfect way to form habits and build confidence.

Assistant manager Ashish Rani says, “Following a routine for the long run can help to avoid a chronic lifestyle and lead to good mental health.”

Sometimes shifting to a new schedule can have adverse effects. It is essential to consult your fitness expert.

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It’s important to note that many participants got positive effects on their lifestyle, while some got negative effects. When you start this program, talk to a healthcare professional. The practice can help individuals with such changes as weight management, healthy physical health, mental health development, accelerating their personality level with the knowledge of books, etc. 

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