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A Simple Checklist for Happy and Healthy 20s

Master your 20s: Focus on self-care, build bonds, stay active, explore, learn, and grow. A checklist for a joyful and healthy decade.

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Being a twenty-something individual is no cakewalk. You are always on the go and constantly juggling work, social life, and personal interests. Unbeknownst to you, a healthy lifestyle is the key to this everyday multitasking. So let not your health take a backseat. Much to your relief, a healthy lifestyle practice is not as hard as you might think. Just develop these simple expert-approved habits to stay fit in your 20s.

Clean Diet

Given your hectic schedule, you might end up eating out quite often. This practice is definitely not healthy. Try to eat home-cooked meals for better health. Your meals should have more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Maintaining a high-protein diet keeps health issues like obesity and diabetes in check. It also leaves your stomach feeling full for a longer time. You can also swap your usual unhealthy snacks with healthier options like nuts, granola bars, and yogurt.

Adequate sleep

You know you can let go of the time you spend doom scrolling on your mobile phones to catch some z’s. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep is crucial for your entire body to deliver optimal daily performance. You can totally do without binging series through the night but your health won’t last long without a good night’s sleep. Also, try to stick to a sleep schedule so your body gets to rest during the same interval every day.

Physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle is an open door for a lot of ailments to enter your body. The most common being heart attacks. Does that mean you need to sweat it out in the gym for hours (with all the time constraints)?

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Well, NO! Just practice maintaining an active lifestyle by walking more often, using the stairs (ditching the lifts and elevators, maybe), and not sitting for long hours. Even light exercises done for 15-20 minutes every day can bring positive results.

Regular health checkup

Let’s admit it. This one is the most overlooked factor. Since you are young and your body is functioning just fine, you don’t feel the need for regular checkups. But this is an ill practice. It is advised by doctors themselves that regardless of age, every individual must undergo timely tests and checkups.

This is to get an overall health report obviously. But more importantly, it helps in determining how prone your body is to diseases in the future. So that you can necessary measures early on. Hence, run away from health checkups no more.

By now it must be pretty much clear to you that no matter how healthy you might be right now, you still need to build a healthy lifestyle. So if you want to take ‘ thirty, flirty, and thriving’ to your 50s, 60s, and beyond, make sure you inculcate these habits.

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Anooshka is a tech graduate turned happy content writer who likes to write about lifestyle and Asian culture related content. If not writing, she is likely to be reading a book or watching Netflix.

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