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Abhishek Malhan beats Pooja Bhatt to be the first finalist of Bigg Boss OTT season 2

Abhishek Malhan beats Pooja Bhatt

Famous YouTuber Abhishek Malhan is the first finalist of Bigg Boss OTT 2 after defeating actress contestant Pooja Bhatt in the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task.

Abhishek and Pooja were given baskets of fruit which they had to load throughout the task. The fruits were released through 3 slides in the garden area right after a bell rang. 

The other contestants, other than Abhisekh and Pooja had to snatch these fruits and put them in the baskets of the housemates they were encouraging. Abhishek and Pooja had to keep their baskets safe and could not put fruits on their own. Abhishek Malhan beats Pooja Bhatt to be the first finalist of Bigg Boss OTT season 2.

The task for the finalist 

There was too much happiness and excitement among the contestants. They were involved in the game at the beginning. However, the situation increased when Avinash Sachdev, Jad Hadid, and Abhishek got involved in a physical fight. 

Meanwhile, Abhishek defended his fruits, and Avinash and Jad abusively tried to grab them. That led to injuries. In the heat of the moment, Abhishek Malhan angrily alerted Jad not to push him. Even warned him that he might regret it later. 

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The stress increased ahead in the game when Abhishek Malhan age-shamed Avinash, hinting that he lacked the common sense to play the game appropriately, despite being 36 years old man.

 This comment made by Abhisek made Pooja quite uneasy. Pooja reminded Abhishek Malhan that earlier he had apologized for age-shaming Avinash Sachdev and should not have repeated the same behavior.

For the housemate’s safety, Bigg Boss had to stop and suspend the task right away. When the task started again, Bigg Boss gave Pooja the option to pick a deputy who would take part in the game on her behalf. Pooja chose Jad as her chosen representative. 

At the end of the task, it was clearly seen that Abhishek arose as the winner. As Abhisek has collected more fruits in his basket. By winning the task, Abhishek Malahn not only defended his place as a finalist on but also became the last captain of the house this season.

Ticket to Finale

After the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task was suspended, Bigg Boss OTT 2 makers naturalized Family Week with a big twist. Each family member had to give a star to other contestants.  According to them who is playing great in the game? Abhishek and Pooja got the highest stars and they will face off as contenders for becoming the first finalist through another task.

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Pooja Bhatt was a bit upset because of her loss and called Abhishek’s strategy biased and unfair. The social media is full of ‘FukraInsan’ ‘the first finalist of Big Boss OTT 2’. His fans are happy and excited. 

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