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Adipurush Box Office Day 8 Collection: Prabhas Film Registers Lowest Earnings at ₹3 Crore as Shows Are Canceled

Adipurush is a mythological story based on Hindu Epic Valmiki’s Ramayana starring Prabhas as Raghava , Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh, and Kriti Sanon as Sita in the pivotal roles while Sunny Singh and Devdatta Nage in the minor roles.


On its eighth day at the box office, the highly-anticipated film Adipurush, featuring renowned actors Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan, seems to be nearing the end of its theatrical run. Although the film had an impressive first week, accumulating approximately ₹260 crores across all languages in India, its performance has taken a downturn. On Friday, the film managed to add a mere ₹3.25 crore to its collection. This article will explore the challenges faced by Adipurush and shed light on the recent modifications made to the film in response to criticism.

Struggling at the Box Office

Entering its second week, Adipurush is encountering considerable difficulties at the box office. Despite its initial success, the film’s collection has significantly dropped. On the eighth day of its release, it managed to earn only ₹3.25 crore, marking its lowest daily earnings thus far. This puts the film’s total domestic collection at approximately ₹263.15 crore.

Criticism Surrounding Adipurush

Adipurush, an adaptation of the revered Indian epic Ramayana, has faced substantial backlash following its release. Critics and reviewers alike have expressed concerns over certain dialogues present in the film. Lines such as “Marega bete” (The son will die), “Bua ka bagicha hai kya” (Is this your aunt’s garden?), and “Jalegi tere baap ki” (Your father’s funeral pyre will burn) have garnered negative attention. In response to the criticism, the filmmakers have taken steps to modify some of these problematic dialogues.

Adipurush Box Office Performance

As reported by, Adipurush managed to earn an estimated ₹3.25 crore on its eighth day of release across all languages in India. This contributes to the film’s global gross collection, which crossed the ₹400 crore mark just two days ago. Furthermore, on Friday, the film achieved an overall 11.20 percent occupancy in Hindi theaters.

Theatre Owner’s Discontent

Manoj Desai, the executive director of Mumbai’s Gaiety Galaxy cinema hall, expressed his strong disapproval of Adipurush, suggesting that the film’s creators should face legal consequences. Desai stated, “They should be jailed for this,” and emphasized the need for strict action against those involved in the film’s production. He particularly singled out the writer, Manoj Muntashir, as someone who should be sent to jail.

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Show Cancellations and Theater Losses

Adipurush Box Office Day 8 Collection: Prabhas Film Registers Lowest Earnings At ₹3 Crore As Shows Are Canceled

The film’s underwhelming performance has resulted in losses for theater owners. Manoj Desai disclosed that due to poor word-of-mouth and response, two shows were canceled on the previous day, and matinee shows had to be canceled on the day of his statement. Furthermore, Desai expressed his dissatisfaction with the film’s modified dialogues, deeming them insufficient in rectifying the situation. Consequently, he predicts that the film will be removed from theaters shortly. Desai emphasized that not only his theater but all the theaters that screened the film have suffered financial losses.

Source: Hindustan Times

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