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After 21 Years, Sargam Koushal Brings Home The Mrs. World Title In 2022: Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Her

Sargam Koushal, a 32-year-old woman from Jammu, has written history by finally bringing home the Mrs. World crown after a lengthy 21-year wait. Everything you need to know about her.

Sargam Koushal

The Mrs. World 2022 contest was held in Las Vegas on Sunday, and Sargam Koushal, who represented India there, was chosen as the winner and brought the crown back after a 21-year absence. Aditi Govitrikar was the first Indian woman to get the award for India in 2001, and after a lengthy 21-year wait, Sargam has once more written history. The triumph is similar to Harnaaz Sandhu’s victory at Miss Universe in 2017 when she too took home the crown after 21 years following Lara Dutta’s historic victory in 2000. 

They stated, “The long wait is ended; the CROWN has returned after 21 years.” On her personal Instagram profile, the recently minted Mrs. World also shared the same article. The contest’s concluding moments, when the winner was declared, are seen in the video.

Sargam Koushal

Sargam, 32, defeated competitors from 63 other nations and looked magnificent in a shimmering pink gown with elaborate embroidery and sequins. The announcement was announced by Mrs. India Pageant on Instagram with the caption, “The long wait is over, it’s after 21 years we got the CROWN back!”

The following is what Aditi Govitrikar tweeted in her congrats to Sargam: “Heartiest congratulations so delighted the crown is finally back and that I was part of the trip.”

Take a look at the video:

Parents of Mrs. World 2022 Sargam on her victory

“Sargam’s path has required a lot of effort and hard work. Our family had a fantasy that Sargam would one day stand on this stage. Since she was a child, Sargam has also had this dream, but at first, she hesitated. We pushed him to continue after their marriage because we were sure she would bring the crown back to India. She completed it. In an interview with a television channel following her victory, Sargam’s father GS Koushal stated of his daughter, “She is highly intelligent, talented, and a kind person.

Sargam Koushal

Koushal believes that in order for their children’s lives to turn out better, all parents must put a lot of effort into their education.

Sargam has put a lot of effort into realizing her dreams, and she has always been self-assured. She was a mischievous child who loved to cause trouble. She cherished wearing gowns and sarees. Meena Koushal, Sargam’s mother, remarked in an interview, “I had seen her talent early on.

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Sargam Koushal’s identity

Sargam Koushal is a postgraduate in English literature and a native of Jammu. She attended Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School in Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, for her undergraduate studies, and Jammu University awarded her a master’s degree in English literature. She received her BA in Education from the Government BEd College in Jammu. She is the daughter of former Bank of India Chief Manager GS Kaushal and Reema Khajuria, and she has a brother named Manthan Koushal, who is 7 years her junior.

Sargam Koushal

Sargam, who began her career as a teacher, soon made the decision to become a model. The smart and beautiful person also paints and is a content writer as well.

When was Sargam Koushal’s wedding?

In 2018, Sargam wed Aditya Manohar Sharma, an Indian naval officer. While Sargam began her career as a teacher, after getting married, she made the decision to follow her heart and began competing in beauty pageants.

Since its inception in 1984, Mrs. World has been held in more than 80 nations. India has now claimed the coveted crown twice, the first time being in 2001 with Aditi Govitrikar as the winner. Candidates with ages ranging from 21 to 48 are eligible to compete.

Here’s a look at some of the comments on Twitter:

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