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“Attack” Movie Review

“Attack” is an action-packed sci-fi drama showing us the new version of the Indian soldiers’, directed by Lakshaya Raj Anand. Starring John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ratna Pathak Shah, Prakash raj and Rakul Preet Singh.

“Attack” Movie Review

“Attack” Movie Review – Bollywood movies now are not just filled with dramas and actions but the movies like Attack have made more space in the room for sci-fi and Artificial intelligence (AI) bringing something new to the Indian audience.  Attack movie shows how the future superheroes of India will fight the war with AI and technology. John Abraham said that his team has worked hard and has aimed to portray the Indian soldiers as the real superheroes who will fight the war in an advanced way and said that this movie will make a mark globally.

Let’s find out if that’s true and if it has lived up to the expectation by looking into the story, review of “Attack” film to help you decide if it is worth the watch or not

“Attack” Movie Review

The attack movie is a fictional movie that is based on real-life events that are set against the hostage crisis which will bring a nation to its knees. Arjun Shergill (John Abraham) is an army veteran who suffers a terrible loss in the terrorist attack where he ends up being neck-down paralyzed, leaving him to fight with his inner demons. But Dr. Saba has been working with technology and science to help Arjun stand on his feet. And just when the experiment gets successful. Arjun is called upon to serve and save the city from a chemical bomb explosion.

Review Of The Movie: Attack 
“Attack” Movie Review

For people who have complained about Bollywood not being able to show something new and refusing to come out of its comfort zone, “Attack” to some extent has brought some new innovative scripts and narratives to its audience (which are seen multiple times in Hollywood but is new to Bollywood).

This sci-fi action thriller breaks the clutter and flatters and impresses the audience in some parts. With the strong gripping narrative, the movie does not deviate from the songs, dance sequences, or comedy which is the last thing you would want from this movie but it keeps a steady flow and doesn’t lose the pace.

It is divided into two halves, one where John is in a wheelchair and another is when he becomes a super-soldier, This transition however could’ve been a little more real because it seems too unreal when he suddenly beefs up and gets strong and fitter.

The action sequence is well crafted and is shot artistically which will be a visual treat for the audience. Even though it is about soldiers but the movie isn’t heavy on nationalism or is filled with massive heavy dialogues. And even though there are a few more fine actors and actresses but they have been given only a few spaces in the rooms to perform and show the talents that they have. 

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Overall the movie is a high-on-action sci-fi flick that is savvy and slick.         

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