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Batman Movie: Review

Bats are known as the guardian of the night and if you see a flapping bat that means it’s an omen, regarded as a portent of good and evil. No wonder the name batman was given. And this birth of the character became a sensational character around the world.

Batman Movie: Review
Background of Batman

It all started in May 1939 with the detective comics no. 27. And from there the character has been displayed in various comics, novels, electronic games, animated TV programs and reached its peak which is the film industry.

A grief-stricken boy named Bruce, after witnessing the murder of his parents in front of his eyes decides to become stronger mentally as well as physically.

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The Batman 2022
The Batman (2022) - IMDb

Is there anything left after THE KNIGHT TRILOGY, Christopher Nolan blew it? But now can Matte Reeves come up with something even darker than the dark knight?

Batman is an exceptionally incredible film directed by Matte Reeves and produced by DC films. Starring Batman as (Robert Pattinson), Catwomen – (Zoe Kravitz) Ridller -(Paul Dano), Jeffrey Wright and Alfred – (Serkis), and the rest of the cast.

A series of crimes take place in the city of Gotham and it is up to Batman to capture the killer and bring peace. Batman teams up with James Gorden and fights, solves back-to-back crimes that have taken place in the city.

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Batman is not just a comic character here but we get to deep dive into his soul and inner mind of his and humanness which will make us connect more to him. We get to see a new side of Batman, thanks to the riddler, apart from just his amazing fighting skills, he takes up a great role of being the detective and solves the crime by picking up the clues left by the “Riddle”( Paul Dano) to reach him.

The amazing Selina aka Catwomen is no less compared to batman, we’ll see her, outperform a lot of stunts and stand neck to neck with batman.

The riddles were not just some simple clues, even though the answers were found, the answers were too heavy for the batman that he tears down, and we get to see the vulnerable side of him.

Matte Reeves has made a 3hr long movie and has done something unique to it which will make you question – Are the good guys really good, and can save us with the power they hold or make things even worse?

Batman holds a lot of power in the movie but because the movie is highly ambitious and the movie can still go on without batman.

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It is a full-course crime saga with a blend of classic gangster films focusing on the challenges in the modern world and the current political climate, which will infuriate you.

The Batman (2022) - IMDb

The sound, effects, and production are beyond words and marvelous. The cinematographer- Greg Fraser has beautifully captured the vision of Matte reeves which he wished to portray to his audience. A lot of epic chases by batmobile added excitement, series of killings take place.

For a film to make justice to it that already has a trilogy it needs it to be extremely new but it also needs to build a bridge between the former and the latter to make the sense out of the former which is the batman that became a success.

If you don’t believe it why not watch it and become a part of the great experience of history that is been created.

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Swati is into learning the art of all kinds. Her field of interest is painting, sketching, writing, poetry. She's is currently pursuing a degree in visual communication from Madras Christan college (2019-22) and alongside pursuing a diploma in fine Art's from the National Institute of Fine Art (2021-2022) As a kid with dyslexia, she figured her own way out of learning different concepts through art. And she has been writing and refining her knowledge & skills in English which has intrigued her into writing poetry, creative writing, and content writing. She's currently learning to expand her knowledge more in the writing field where she aims to get a deeper understanding of words and their meaning. In the future, she aims to pursue a career in Art therapy, Where she can help, connect and understand people.

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