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Bhola Shankar Movie Review: Chiranjeevi Shines in a Lackluster Remake

Bhola Shankar: Chiranjeevi’s performance shines in a lackluster remake. A missed opportunity for fresh storytelling.

Bhola Shankar Movie Review: Chiranjeevi Shines in a Lackluster Remake

In this article, we will delve into the review of the movie “Bhola Shankar,” highlighting its key elements, performances, and overall impact. The film, directed by Meher Ramesh, features the renowned Chiranjeevi in a lead role that undoubtedly captivates the audience’s attention. Let’s explore the facets of this cinematic endeavor and uncover its strengths and weaknesses.

Exploring Bhola Shankar Review: A Journey into the Past

Meher Ramesh’s attempt at a comeback with “Bhola Shankar” has raised intriguing questions about the direction his career is taking. The movie seems to have transported audiences back in time, not only in terms of its storyline but also in its narrative execution. The choice of remaking “Vedalam,” originally portrayed by Ajith, might have seemed like a logical step, but unfortunately, it lacks the contemporary touch that could have breathed new life into the plot.

A Familiar Tale Unfolds

Following the tremendous success of “Waltair Veerayya,” Chiranjeevi opted for a remake of Ajith’s “Vedalam,” this time under Meher Ramesh’s guidance. “Bhola Shankar” adheres closely to the storyline of its predecessor, “Vedalam.” The titular character, portrayed by Chiranjeevi, embarks on a journey with Mahalakshmi (Keerthy Suresh) to Kolkata for her admission to a prestigious college. Shankar finds employment as a cab driver in Vamshi’s (Vennela Kishore) company, setting the stage for various plot developments.

Love, Crime, and Confrontation

As the narrative unfolds, Srikar (Sushanth) becomes smitten with Mahalakshmi and seeks Shankar’s approval for their union. Amidst these personal dynamics, the movie delves into the darker underbelly of Kolkata, plagued by rampant human trafficking orchestrated by Alex and his siblings. The Kolkata police, led by DGP (Sayaji Shinde), vow to eradicate this menace, but their efforts are hindered by fear and corruption within the system.

Shankar’s Role in Unraveling the Mystery

Shankar’s involvement takes center stage as he aids the police in apprehending traffickers and rescuing victims. However, his actions attract the attention of Alex’s younger brother, resulting in a violent confrontation. Shankar’s past and his connection to the human trafficking ring are unveiled, offering a compelling twist to the narrative. The film explores his motivations, his assumed identity as Maha’s brother, and the reasons behind his presence in Kolkata.

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A Step Backwards in Storytelling

Despite its potential, Meher Ramesh’s directorial approach leaves much to be desired. The choice of remaking “Vedalam” does little justice to contemporary cinematic sensibilities. The execution of duets with Tamannaah, Chiranjeevi’s signature dance sequences, and interactions with Rashmi and Sreemukhi feel contrived and uncomfortable. While Keerthy Suresh manages to shine in her role, the poorly written character dynamics hinder her performance. Vennela Kishore’s portrayal impresses in its brevity, while other actors largely serve as mere extensions of Chiranjeevi’s dominating presence.

A Lackluster Narrative

The storyline and narrative fail to offer any fresh perspectives. While the film meets the prerequisites of mass cinema, it lacks innovation at every stage. The final half-hour, encompassing the pre-climax and climax, attempts to pick up the pace but falls short of creating a lasting impact. The music composed by Mahathi Sagar does not disappoint, with the background score effectively enhancing the viewing experience. Dudley’s cinematography presents Chiranjeevi in his element, while the action choreography remains within the film’s thematic boundaries.

Source: The Indian Express

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