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Bird Box Barcelona (2023): Movie Review

Bird Box Barcelona (2023): One of the most anticipated movie of the Netflix. The first version Bird Box broke records let’s find out if this version will do the same or not.

Bird Box Barcelona (2023) Movie Review

The 2018 thriller “Bird Box” crept in silently without much hype yet still became one of Netflix’s biggest hits, for two reasons. For one, the movie’s star was the perennially popular Sandra Bullock, the protagonist in an apocalyptic event. The film also made it to the top because its plot (adapted from a John Malerman novel) inspired a viral blindfold “bird box challenge”, drawn from the central premise of unnamed paranormal invaders spreading suicidal madness to humans who look directly at them.

Plot Of Bird Box Barcelona

Bird Box Barcelona” is more of a companion film than a sequel — and more disappointing than the first one. The movie starts with Sebastián (Mario Casas) who finds himself stuck between Apocalypto, sees people losing their minds, and later loses his wife. He does everything to protect his daughter Anna (Alejandra Howard) and help her lead a “normal life” amid all the chaos. The group of “seers” later finds them and makes his daughter see the “beautiful thing” which drives her to the edge of the building and causes her to take her own life by willingly jumping off of the roof. Aftermath, Sebastian starts seeing his dead daughter and does anything to stay with her, even helping strange creatures bump off on strangers.

Movie Review

The new writer-director team of Álex and David Pastor takes some chances by making Sebastián a somewhat unstable hero. He thinks he’s the shepherd and is helping people by releasing their souls but later realizes that he’s the wolf. Viewers hoped that they’d get to finally see the “beautiful thing” which drives humanity to extinction and madness. However, that doesn’t happen here, it’s left to the viewer’s vivid imagination. It might be the Climate change monster— An evil angel— The monster under your bed? Your choice.

The movie skims the surface of grief. Their film says that the trauma induced by grief pushes you to lose your senses, mess with your logic, and maybe even make you go on a religious crusade. We can see all these things in Sebastian but not in others, they are mere “The trees of the skit”. At one point you might feel that the whole movie is a psychological based thriller about Sebastian losing his mind.

The Barcelona version doesn’t help that much the mystery and intrigue that accompanied the concept from the previous “Bird Box” leaves the nest here. Rather the primary goal is for these survivors to trace their way through Barcelona to a set of gondolas that’ll take them to Montjuic Castle, where there are rumors that survivors are hiding out. Sofia’s mom might even be among them.

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The “Barcelona” edition is essentially a repeat of the first film, flaws and all. It might have been a hit if the writers would go on and described the antagonist more.


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