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BTS makes history yet again by becoming the first K-Pop group to be nominated for “Best Music Video” in the 2023 Grammy

As a featured artist on Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres, BTS was nominated for three Grammy Awards in 2023: Best Video, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and Album of the Year.

BTS creates history again and is the first K-Pop group to be nominated for "Best Music Video" at the Grammys in 2023

For BTS and ARMY, this year has been a rollercoaster of bittersweet emotions. Fans of the K-Pop group were ecstatic to learn that they had received three nominations for the Grammy Awards in 2023, marking the team’s sixth total nomination. This came following talks over solo albums and the announcement of required military duty. BTS received its first nomination for Dynamite in 2020, and Butter received theirs in 2021.

In addition to being included in the Album of the Year category with The Music Sphere for My Universe, BTS was nominated for Best Pop Duo for their work with Coldplay. The songs for My Universe have also been credited to Namjoon, Suga, and J-hope, who are also Grammy-nominated songwriters. On February 5, 2023, Los Angeles, California will host the 65th Grammy Awards.

Naturally, ARMY is ecstatic and has been trending on Twitter “BTS Paved The Way,” while many have been into arguments with Blinks, who were miffed that Blackpink did not receive a shoutout.

However, many fans were fairly cynical and remarked that they weren’t expecting anything this time either, stating that the band had already been spurned enough by the West, considering that BTS hasn’t won the Grammy in the last two years. Many other ARMYs were incensed by many K-media articles that said BTS had done nothing noteworthy this year other than releasing an anthology album. “Why is K-media always so sour about BTS?” 

BTS makes history yet again by becoming the first K-Pop group to be nominated for "Best Music Video" in the 2023 Grammy
(Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

With the exception of RM, who shared the announcement video and mentioned Coldplay in his Instagram story, the majority of the BTS members have not responded to the Grammy nomination. Fans thought it was humorous because J-Hope had just announced that he would perform at the MAMAs and dubbed it a “boss move.”

“21st-century pop icons BTS continue to make history as the group got three nominations at the 65th GRAMMY awards,” said the press release from HYBE. The septet received a nomination for Best Music Video for their most recent song, “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).” BTS received a nomination for their group song.

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While the date for the other members of BTS has not yet been determined, Jin will be reporting for military duty before his birthday in December.

BTS’s chart-topping hits “Dynamite” and “Butter” earned them nominations for Best Pop Duo or Group Performance in 2021 and 2022, respectively. The group created history by being the first Korean pop artist to be nominated for a Grammy and to play there.

A solo album titled Indigo will shortly be released by group member and leader RM. On December 2, 2022, the album will be released. BTS is made up of RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, J-hope, Jungkook, and V. The ensemble, now in its tenth year, made its debut in 2013.

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