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Good Friday Good Friday


Good Friday 2022 will be marked on the 15 of April (a national holiday), the day of grief observed in memory of Jesus Christ’s...

Top 20 Mythological Creatures Top 20 Mythological Creatures

Mystery and History

The great imaginative minds have given birth to some of the most legendary and eye-popping hybrid mythological creatures.

The Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle

Mystery and History

Ships, planes, and people are said to have inexplicably vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, which is located in the western section of the North...

Kemet - The Black Land Kemet - The Black Land

Mystery and History

Egypt was popularly known as KEMET meaning the black land.

Top 9 Amazing Mystery Facts about Jagannath Temple Top 9 Amazing Mystery Facts about Jagannath Temple

Mystery and History

It is not just famous for being old, but also for being India's most religious site. Its religious esteem is on par with its...