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Mystery and History

The Haunting Beauty Of Bhangarh Fort: A Historical Puzzle

Join us on this bewitching exploration of the mysteries and lore of Bhangarh Fort, whether you are a history buff, a fan of ghost stories, or just plain nosy.

The Haunting Beauty Of Bhangarh Fort: A Historical Puzzle
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Those who enjoy the macabre should visit one of India’s most haunted locations. Ancient forts and other historical and architectural marvels in Rajasthan have become the state’s claim to fame. The Land of Kings may be known for its opulent royal history, but it is also home to the paranormal and one of India’s and the world’s most haunted locations: Bhangarh Fort.

The Bhangarh fort, built in the 17th century, is located in the Aravallis, about 50 kilometers from the Sariska sanctuary between Jaipur and Alwar. Its history is haunting and carries a chilling tale from centuries past.

Because of these unsettling details, Bhangarh Fort is now considered one of India’s top paranormal tourist destinations.

Bhangarh Fort: Relic Of A Bygone Era

Raja Madho Singh, the younger brother of Mughal general Man Singh of Amber, constructed the magnificent fort in the 17th century. Until a sudden decline in population in 1720, Bhangarh was home to nearly 9,000 people and the royal palace. There were five enormous gates and a series of three walls enclosing the fort and the town of Bhangarh.

Within the fort’s grounds, you can find magnificent Havelis, temples, and abandoned marketplaces, all of which attest to the fort’s prosperity in its heyday.

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Two terrifying urban legends have circulated for generations, each explaining how the 400-year-old fort came to be in ruins. 

What Follows Is A Whirlwind Tour Of The Fascinating History Of Bhangarh Fort…

Ancient Relics Of Bhangarh Fort
Picture Courtesy: Getty Images

Join us on this bewitching exploration of the mysteries and lore of Bhangarh Fort, whether you are a history buff, a fan of ghost stories, or just plain nosy.

1. The Fateful Curse Of Bhangarh Fort

According to folklore, a hermit named Guru Balu Nath placed a curse on the fort. Previously, he had used that site as a quiet location to reflect. The monarch finally convinced him, but only on the condition that the fort’s shadow would never fall upon him. If it occurs, he said, the entire town will be wiped out. Sadly, that is exactly what happened, and the village was destroyed.

2. No Entry After Sunset 

While other Rajasthani forts, such as the Amber Fort, come to life after dark with a dazzling display of lights, the Bhangarh Fort remains closed as soon as day turns to night. In light of the fort’s supposedly haunted history, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has banned visitors after sundown. This contributes to the allure of exploration and mystery that surrounds Bhangarh Fort.

3. A Hub Of Restlessness And Anxiety

Even though you might be in awe of its magnificent architecture, anxiety is certain to overtake you. When people first enter Bhangarh Fort, they often experience feelings of unease and nervousness. Paranoia sets in for some, making them feel like they are being followed. Despite its widespread fame, visitors rarely spend any significant time there.

4. The Vanishing Shadows

According to reports from tourists who visit the Bhangarh Fort, strange events have occurred, such as shadows that vanish or sway in a mystifying manner. Some people have even asserted that they heard disembodied voices and laughter reverberating through the empty corridors of the building.

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5. A Roofless Village 

Even though it has a very low population density, the area around the fort is home to a small village. However, for some reason, none of the houses in the village have roofs. If you ask the locals, they will tell you that whenever they try to build a roof, it falls on its own. No one knows why this happens.

6. The Obscure Fragrance 

An additional element that contributes to the mystique and allure of this fort is the peculiar odor that pervades the air throughout the structure. Despite neither of those things being physically present in the area, several visitors have reported the aroma of flowers or incense.

7. The Haunted Stories Of Love & Betrayal 

The legend of Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh and Singhia and the wizard is a common one told about the haunted Bhangarh Fort. He planned to use his magic to entice her, but when Ratnavati discovered his plot, he was faced with certain death. But before he passed, he cast a curse on the entire town, and the princess was murdered shortly thereafter.

8. Magical Ruins Of Bhangarh Fort 

The majority of the Bhangarh Fort is in a state of complete ruin, with walls that are collapsing and structures that are falling apart. Despite this, the ruins continue to exude a certain charm and enchantment, which makes them an irresistible destination for those who are looking for an exciting adventure and a glimpse into the past.

9. Divine Connection 

Because the fort is said to be haunted, many temples have been constructed within and all around the fort over the years to ward off malevolent spirits. Several temples can be found within the walls of the fort, including one dedicated to the Hindu god Hanuman. According to local legend, these temples are responsible for keeping the evil spirits within the fort from escaping and wreaking havoc on the area.

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10. No Foreign Tourists Are Allowed 

A special permit is required for non-Indians to visit the fort, making it more difficult to see than other Indian historical sites. Most of the missing people have been foreigners, and the government, understandably upset by this fact, has made it difficult for foreigners to enter the fort. 


Since the beginning of recorded history, the mysterious and alluring Bhangarh Fort has served as a focal point for people’s thoughts and discussions. Its architectural splendor, historical importance, and mysterious legends all combine to make it a must-see for history buffs and thrill-seekers.

Is the Bhangarh Fort haunted and doomed to recur? The answer will remain unknown forever. It will never fully commit to either side of the fence between fact and fiction. The fort serves as a constant reminder of the state’s illustrious and royal past. Every tourist who wants to enjoy a satisfying blend of horror and history should put it on their itinerary.

Source: Facts.Net

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