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Class 10th and 12th CBSE Updates

The officials of CBSE mentioned that the results for class 12th CBSE will be out soon, which is next week of this month March.  

Class 10th and 12th CBSE Updates

The time spent in class 10th and 12th is the most memorable time of a person’s life. Because these are the days when the student experiences the precious moments of life that will be remembered and engraved in your hearts. From making lifelong friends to having crushes and learning to let them go with time. And playing pranks on teachers but also surprising them with beautiful handmade gifts. These little memories will become a part of us when we reach out to the unexplored world. 

And apart from this are The Board Examination is the first step on the ladder of life where you’d get to explore, experiment, polish, and bring out the best of your brain’s capability onto the paper. 

The Result day is the day when everything will come to a halt and it will be just you with your heartbeat seeing your life change before you. And whatever the result be, from there you will only be moving up the ladder of life.

The Pandemic Examination 2021-2022 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams for the class 10th  were conducted on November 30th, 2021 till December 11th and for class 12th it was extended till 22 December. A record of 36 lakh students of both 10th and 12th class had registered for the exam this year, which is 4 lakh more than last year’s. 

And because of the pandemic situation, the officials of the CBSE boards decided to conduct the exams in two phases. The term 1 was Objective where the question paper consisted of Multiple choice questions ( MCQ) and term 2 will be subjective.

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When this news got to the students, they bombarded Twitter and expressed their pain and sorrows with hilarious memes. 

Term 1 exams will cover 50% of the entire syllabus and these were conducted on the OMR sheets. The students were marked based on internal assessments, projects, practicals, and the final examination. The examination started at 11:30 and the students were given 90 minutes to complete the exam. And Term 2 will be of 120 minutes which will cover the rest of 50% of the syllabus.

Class 10th  Results: OUT

Finally, the student’s wait was over. CBSE board class 10th TERM 1 results were out on 11 March 2022. The CBSE mail read- “Dear Principal, please find the enclosed performance of term 1 examination for session 2021-22 of school code for class 10 in attachment”.

Class 12th Results: BITE THE BULLET

The officials of CBSE mentioned that the results for class 12th CBSE will be out soon, which is next week of this month March.  

And because the results are out for 10th, the 12th class students and their parents were getting anxious about their results. So to calm it down the CBSE has posted a Chellam Sir meme on Twitter where we see a  popular protagonist Srikant of a famous web series -The family man. He is seen calling his agent CHELLAM SIR and asking when will his son’s CBSE results be out. And Chellam who seems to have all the answers replies to him by saying- Don’t be a #MinimumParentSri, Be optimistic, and relax.

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How To Check The Results

Click on the official website of CBSE Exam Results 2022 (

You can also get the results through Diglocker and Umang (Unified mobile application for new governance). 

Term – 2 Date Sheet 

On Friday, March 11 The central board of secondary examination (CBSE) released the term 2 date sheet for the class 10th and 12th board examination 2022. The examination will be conducted offline mode. 

And the examination will be commenced on 26th April  2022. The time set for the examination is 10:30 AM when the temperature will be a little higher so the students are instructed to be hydrated. The reason why it cannot be conducted earlier is that the examination will is going to be conducted in 26 more countries.

CBSE Class 10th Result 2021: CBSE Opens Portals To Upload Class 10 Students  Marks - Here's Direct Link

This time there will not be two shifts. All the exams will start at 10:30 AM and will end at different timings for different subjects but will not exceed 12:30 PM.    

For class 10th the examination will begin on the 26th and will end on May 24. And for class 12th term 2 will begin on 26th with the end on June 15.

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The term 2 CBSE examination will start with minor subjects for both the 10th and 12th classes. For class 10th it will be painting on the 26th and for class 12th it will begin with entrepreneurship and beauty and wellness papers. 

Below is the Term 2 date sheet and don’t forget to go through the instructions –

  3. To download the pdf format timetable you can visit the website-  CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education and CBSE Exam Results in 2021 (  where you can take the printout of the timetable with instructions and stick it your study room wall.
Study Timetable

Your study timetable will become your mentor now who will guide you till the end of the exam. So make sure to make a suitable timetable for yourself which will includes not just studying but also 8hrs of sleep and 3 times of food. And don’t forget to give your brain a break by taking yourself out for a walk or listening to calm music. 

If you’re struggling to make a timetable for yourself click here. 

Mental Health 

The board exam is said to be the most important part of your life, well indeed it is but it is not more important than you. There is a bigger world out there where marks will matter but more than that your consistency in not giving up yourself and your dream will be something that will matter the most. So it is okay to talk to your parents and play with your dogs and do those daily little things that make you happy. Make sure to check on yourself by giving breaks by doing things that will make your mind and body calm which is the best tip to ace the exam.

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