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CloudFest 2022 Confirmed for March 22-24

CloudFest’s legendary parties are also returning, utilizing Europa-Park’s outdoor spaces to provide networking experiences unlike any other.

CloudFest 2022 Confirmed for March 22-24
Image credit: Ujwal Sharma

The green light has been given for CloudFest 2022! World’s most important cloud computing conference returns as a face-to-face event: the key decision-makers and innovators of the internet infrastructure industry will gather in person at Europa-Park.

During the last few weeks, the CloudFest team has been in contact with the Europa-Park venue, the local authorities, and the Baden-Württemberg federal state government. They have received final confirmation that CloudFest 2022 will take place from March 22-24 as planned. 

By the time CloudFest takes place, it is expected that all trade shows will be permitted as more restrictions are lifted. Trade shows are already permitted and taking place in most parts of Germany. It has been confirmed that CloudFest will be granted a special exemption permit if the general restrictions cannot be lifted.

The COVID mitigation measures, with which they are creating a safe zone for attendees, partners, and employees, sealed the deal. The CloudFest Covid Plan page provides information on the vaccine, testing, and mask requirements for traveling to and entering Germany before the event begins. They have made it easy to understand the sometimes confusing rules!

Help Shape the Future of the Internet at CloudFest
CloudFest 2022 Confirmed for March 22-24

Once at Europa-Park, one can find The CloudFest 2022 schedule features three core themes that will define the future of our interconnected world—a world that CloudFest attendees help to create: 

The Intelligent Edge aims to bring computing closer to those who need it: now everything is available everywhere. Edge computing is simple: your database is still housed locally, but your assets are cached strategically around the world. With the rapid implementation of 5G, the expanding Edge presents a historic opportunity to reach more customers with higher-quality services than ever before – and it is critical to begin thinking about the possibilities immediately. 

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The Sustainable Cloud affects all three parts of the triple bottom line of People, Prosperity, and Planet. Cloud computing has grown tenfold in the last ten years, but the industry has not scaled its energy consumption in the same way. While the world continues to digitize, the continued growth of the cloud could reverse this trend. The Cloud’s growth is bottlenecked by its energy consumption, thus, we have reached the inflection point. Internet service providers, hardware manufacturers, and everyone in between can increase profitability by greening their Cloud operations, and the smart players are not delaying – join the solution. 

CloudFest 2021 Recap Video

Our third theme as we step into the future together is Our New Digital World. Until now, the cloud computing industry has been able to forecast well. However, a global pandemic has thrown a monkey wrench into that process. Anyone who intends to succeed in the digital age must find new ways to predict the future, and new metrics to use. The business leaders and innovators that make up the CloudFest community will need to combine their insights, experience, and creativity to accomplish this. CloudFest 2022 builds a more comprehensive view of the new shared environment through case studies, data analysis, customer conversations, media trends, and shared experiences in weathering hectic years 2020 and 2021. 

The team will be revealing more and more of their agenda in the days and weeks ahead. They have shared the roster of all-star speakers and panelists, which includes:

Yuval Noah Harari – The author of the bestseller, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

Till Eisenberg, Airbus project manager- Brought CIMON, the first AI in space, to life. Robots in space? Now that is the Edge!

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Wolfgang Oels, COO of Ecosia- The search engine that uses 200% renewable energy. Yes, you read that right!

Making Memories, Building Relationships, Crafting Solutions

CloudFest’s legendary parties are also returning, utilizing Europa-Park’s outdoor spaces to provide networking experiences unlike any other. For example, attendees will rock out at Loud in the cloud, their very own music festival—which could easily be its event.

During CloudFest Hackathon, top open-source developers, designers, and innovators will tackle some of the nagging problems holding back the cloud. This time around, they have renewed the focus on diversity, inclusivity, and camaraderie to unlock development talent from every corner of the internet and the world.

Okay, Let’s Do This

To reunite after three years without a CloudFest in person, everyone involved has put in great effort to make sure we can reunite in 2022. In addition to being grateful for the support of the partners and attendees, the CloudFest team is looking forward to making this edition of CloudFest a memorable event. Join CloudFest 2022 if you’re in the internet infrastructure, telecom, or open-source fields. Be prepared!

About CloudFest

CloudFest, the premier cloud computing conference in the world, brings together the top executives and innovators in the cloud, hosting, and ISP industries. Cloud infrastructure providers, web hosting providers, independent software vendors, and managed service providers gather here to form new partnerships and chart the future of the cloud. As well as bringing in top-notch speakers from within the cloud world, they reach into other realms to add more dimensions of creativity and entrepreneurship. They have rock stars among the keynote speakers. Recent keynotes include:

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  • Hank Shocklee- producer of Public Enemy
  • Birgitta Jónsdóttir- the Icelandic politician, activist, and a poet
  • Billy Morrison- the guitarist for the Cult, Billy Idol, and the Royal Machines
  • Edward Snowden- former NSA contractor who blew the whistle on covert US intelligence activities

Find out more details at, and follow on Twitter – (@cloudfest) and Instagram (@whdcloudfest).

Click here to register for Cloudfest 2022, for discounts use our coupon code: EmpireWeekly.

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