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Cuttputlli Movie Review: Akshay Kumar is back with another thriller

The Hindi remake of Vishnu Vishal’s ‘Ratsasan’ is finally here to make our monsoon more thrilling.

Akshay Kumar wears the police cape for his new thriller. Cuttputlli Movie is a suspense thriller packed with action, drama, & love. The story is about a psychopath serial killer on the loose, with no known information about him. Akshay Kumar enters as a savior when he turns from a producer to a police officer & busts the case. The movie is a simple story with heavy turns & twists.

Cuttputlli aired on Disney+ Hotstar on Sept 02, 2022. Stream now!

Cuttputlli Cast 

The movie stars Akshay Kumar as SI Arjan Sethi, Rakul Preet Singh as Divya, Sujith Shankar as Purushottam Tomar, Chandrachur Singh as Narinder Singh, Sargun Mehta as SHO Gudia Parmar, Gurpreet Ghuggi as Guleria, Hrishitaa Bhatt as Seema Singh, Renaye Tejani as Payal Singh and Joshua Leclair as Christopher Fernandez.     


Loyal to the original movie Ratsasan (2018) plot, the movie is about a serial killer in the town of Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh who preys on teenage schoolgirls who travel back home from school and leaves awfully brutalized faces of cinderella dolls as his signature.

The man is chased by sub-inspector Arjan Sethi who used to be a filmmaker back in the day, specializing in serial killers. Romance also takes place between Arjan Sethi & Divya, a school teacher. The runtime is 2h, 29m.

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Cuttputlli Movie Review 

Cuttputlli Movie Review: Akshay Kumar is back with another thriller

The movie is a light watch at its best. Akshay Kumar’s simplicity shines time after time, but when it comes to a suspense thriller the movie takes an underwhelming shift lacking the much chased intense flair. The narrative is engaging and sheds light on harsh questions about living in the world and not realizing the possibility of a serial killer next door.

We feel the tension, love & drama just in the right amount. The suspense factor is very edgy and enough to keep you hooked. The dialogue & Screenplay by Aseem Arora, are decent. The music is well paired with the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh. The cinematography is breathtaking. Direction by Ranjit Tewari needs more sprucing. The climax came off as rushed despite the runtime being considerably longer. 

Akshay Kumar has subtly swooned off his magic even for the strong character of a police officer, he is calm & fierce bringing the best of both worlds. The chemistry between him & Rakul Preet is lovely, she is a young teacher and an eye candy for sure. Chandrachur once again has outdone himself by providing a good measure of depth to his character. Sargun is very efficient for her part as a cop and doesn’t flinch one bit. 

Overall it does provide justice to the original movie itself & seems like a promising crime thriller to binge-watch on.

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